April 2010

Got married, moved to Gurgaon. Arsenal had another of that nearly there years. This is the World Cup year and I hope we have lots of goals and a lot of interesting matches this year.

October 2008

Currently working in Hyderabad and watching football at home!

August 2008

I have moved back to Bangalore and it is nice to be back 🙂

Hope this is lucky for Arsenal and we win a few trophies this year and in the years ahead!!!

May 2007

I presently live in Malaysia

My email id is

Do drop in a mail incase you want to ask me something 🙂


Sujith Sathyadas


9 responses to “Contact

  1. awa

    I like to give me the good number of manchester united this is important

  2. zak

    hey am zak.yusuf i am from the uk

    what is arsenals number

    tell me plz

  3. batchuba

    Hi there,

    Nice blog. I was wondering, where do you find the Opta data you often use here?

    I just popped by their site, and cannot see any option to purchase or sign up.

    I presume they sell Opta “packages” of some sort providing information over a period of time on a set range of sporting events. I can’t see how to sign up for it though lol. If you could tell me how one gets access to the Opta stats, I would be much obliged.


  4. seasidekicks

    hello there,
    i’ve added you to my blog roll, hope you do the same.


  5. Sam

    Hey there,
    do you offer paid links or other website link exchanges!?? On your homepage or in-content?
    I would like to get my website link on your site 🙂


    Let me know.

  6. Hi Sujith

    I am from a design agency in Bangalore and we are helping in putting up an exhibition on the Mumbai floods at NGMA, Mumbai – We wanted to use some of the pictures on your blog of the Mumbai Floods of 05 for a section of the exhibition called Collective memory. We will give credit – if these are your pics .To know more do check out
    And I can ssend you an email as well as an invite to participate


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