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Wenger remarks, Celtic tie and what to expect

The smooth operator that Arsene is in the transfer market, we cannot be sure about whom he is going to buy or not buy unless he does one of them come the end of the transfer window. But he sure has been talking about the money spinning clubs, especially Machester City and Real Madrid.

Manchester City at the moment look like they have a great squad quality-wise, but sometimes when you buy more than three players you take a technical gamble. Yes, sometimes it clicks straightaway but  sometimes it takes a few months and Real Madrid are in the same situation. They have bought fantastic players but you have to ask if they will click or not in a few months. Nobody knows. That’s not predictable. If you do not find your balance straight away it can be difficult.

Rightly said, given that Wenger himself thinks that no player should be bought beyond a particular value (in his case I think 15 million pounds will be the maximum). To him that player is not really wanted to make a team that he thinks will play football on the field for 90 minutes and win. He goes on to say

Real Madrid were not 10th last year, they were second. They had good players and a good team. City have more to create than Real Madrid.

A very valid point, certainly Real didn’t need such an overhaul to move just one place on the table. Even with this overhaul I doubt if they will really beat Barca to the La Liga title. And it must be such a suffocating period for the other players who are in the team seeing so many new expensive signings coming in. It is not a good environment to be in.

So it is Celtic FC whom we will meet in the UEFA Champions League play-off round in the Non-champions route on 18/19th of August and the return leg at Emirates on August 25/26th. This is crucial for the team as the group stage of the Champions league means a lot of money for the club, which is needed badly. The tie is not going to be an easy one and keeping the team fit and without injury is going to be key this season. Let’s hope we start the season well enough and carry on the momentum to Europe.

So can we expect more signings and exits from the club in the next couple of weeks??? The answer seems to be “yes”, given the fact that Senderos looks ready for a move to Everton. And given that we would definetely need to buy a defender. And also a defensive midfielder would be an ideal signing to close the season. I seriously think with respect to the forward line we have enough back up in the team, but we will need a midfielder if Wenger intends to play the 4-3-3.


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Kaka moves to Madrid

Brazilian playmaker and AC Milan’s star player announced to the world that he has decided to ply his trade in the whites of Real Madrid from next season. He is the first of the new galactico signed by Real this year. In an offer that Milan, who is supposedly affected by the ongoing financial recession according to Kaka, valued at €65m for a six-year deal, Kaka made his move.


But he seems to be doing it out of gratitude to Milan than by compulsion to move. In his own words 

Everything I’ve always done for Milan has been by mutual agreement, from the moment I arrived until my departure today. I’m leaving by the front door

And Milan in a statement said

His loss on the field, though serious, can be filled. It will, however, be very difficult to fill the void left by Kaka the man

Lets hope Kaka does well in Madrid and Milan get over the crisis with this money and gain success in Italy. Both the club and the player are liked by many including me.

Here is a good take on the deal by Tim Vickery in BBC

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Does Robinho know what he is doing?

Who knows, he might become a success in Man City but the whole deal stinks. Real Madrid might be feeling good that they were able to dispose him off and make a handsome return in the process. He was uttering only Chelsea ever since Scolari took over at Stamford Bridge and ultimately went to the club in Blue jersey in Manchester.

Here is a good one 

The national team, preparing for World Cup qualifiers against Chile and Bolivia over the next week, gave a press conference on Thursday. Asked about his transfer, Robinho mentioned Chelsea, and ‘the offer Chelsea made to Real Madrid’ several times in the course of his answer, and when the journalist sought clarification afterwards (‘You mean Manchester City, right?’), the man of the moment blinked and replied ‘yeah, right. Manchester City, sorry,’ before moving onto the next question

How sad is that?

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The return of the Emirates Cup

This weekend sees the return of the Emirates Cup for its second year and with the likes of Real Madrid and Juventus taking part the tournament is already proving to be a real success with both days now sold out. Last year’s inaugural competition also proved to be a big hit with the supporters, with the second day of the competition sold out with the fans getting to see Arsenal lift the trophy after victory over Inter Milan.

Unlike many pre-season tournaments the Emirates Cup seems to have grabbed the supporters attention and why wouldn’t it with four very successful and well known teams taking part. Whilst Real Madrid and Juventus has enjoyed recent success Hamburg can not be overlooked being one of Germany’s oldest and most successful sides, winning the European Cup in 1983. In fact Hamburg beat Juventus in 83 1-0 to claim their European crown so that game will have a bit of history to it.
Looking ahead to the event from an Arsenal perspective the Gunners will face Juventus on the Saturday and Real Madrid on the Sunday, both tough tests for the young squad as they bid to retain their crown. You’d imagine that Arsene Wenger will field a squad with a mixtures of old and new faces, much like he did last year when Kieran Gibbs was paired along side Robin van Persie upfront. It will all depend on how seriously Wenger will be taking this tournament with the new season just over two weeks away.

As always it would be nice for Arsenal to get some silverware under their belt although it won’t be a major disappointment if one of the other three teams walks away with the cup. It may be a worn out cliché but pre-season is all about getting back to match fitness and sharpness rather than the result. However a little silverware never hurt a team’s morale and with a long season ahead it might be the boost that the Gunners need to kick start their season.Take a look at Arsenal’s odds for the new season.

Arsenal’s success this season isn’t just based on what team Wenger puts out but also who the opposition field. I imagine that many of the supports going this weekend will be hoping to see all the big names that each squad has to offer and there are some big ones to look out for. For example Juventus could field World Cup winners Gianlugi Buffon, Alessandro Del Piero and Mauro Camoranesi as well as Czech legend Pavel Nedved. Real Madrid may no longer be known as the Galatico’s but they boost a powerful squad with Euro 2008 winners Iker Casillas and Sergio Ramos, World Cup winner Fabio Cannavero and other reknown names such as Raul, Robinho, Ruud van Nistelrooy and Arjen Robben filling their squad. Hamburg might not have as many big names in their side but their squad could include Dutch stars Nigel de Jong and Rafael van der Vaart and Croatian forward Ivica Olic. If you fancy Juventus to do well this weekend and for the season then here are the Serie A odds.

So potentially not a bad line-up and probably one of the main reasons why both days have sold out. Two matches for the price of one with those players involved is not something to be sniffed at. The Emirates Cup works because they invite big teams like that. Watching the Algarve Cup last week you realise why many fans shun pre-season tournaments. The Estadio Algarve was pretty much empty and who can blame the local people when the teams on offer were Cardiff, Celtic, Middlesbrough and Vitoria Guimaraes. No offence to any of the sides but they won’t be pulling in the crowds from far and wide.

Having said that the big clubs can’t be everywhere at once and as I mentioned previously managers look at the games as a chance for players to regain their match fitness. So as a means to regain fitness I don’t believe there is any finer way to do it than at the Emirates Cup and hopefully we will be able to see Arsenal lift the trophy once again as they embark on a potentially difficult season.

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It’s been 1 year of blogging

Football is a game which I love to watch and occasionally would love to play. The best I can do on a more regular basis is write about it and that is what I have been doing for the past one year. Yes, I am proud to have kept my blog alive for one year now. Lots of goals have been scored and free-kicks taken that I have written close to 140 posts in the last 365 days.

Thanks a lot guys and gals for stopping over my blog and reading it, sometimes also leaving your valuable comment for me. It has been a pleasure and I can understand why Theirry Henry is one of the most adored player in this whole world. The post about his farewell has received the most hits and comments in this blog. Most of the comments have been like “Henry is the best, I love you”.

The most number of articles have definitely been on Arsenal, on the Premier League and about Football in Europe. You cannot blame it if that is what is the most shown and watched around leagues in the world. But it has been a long journey and I have loved every bit of it.

I have met a few people through the blog from Germany, France and India. It has been a pleasure guys and keep coming back for more. And ya Arsenal has had a decent season to put it realistically. Hope that they would challenge for more honours in this season and give Manchester Uniteds and Chelseas of the world a fight.

EPL – Whatever Keegan has said, it has been one of the best seasons ever with the Title being decided only  in the last day of the season. Manchester United started slow but played consistently well and scored the most and conceded the least to deservedly win the league. Chelsea came back strongly in the second half, but it was too little too late. Arsenal was written off by one and all of the opposition camps but Wenger believed in his players and they proved him good. Next season is again a challenge.

La Liga – Real Madrid were the least worst in the league to put it mildly. Barcelona were in shambles with internal fighting dominating the media and some of the star players not even getting to play. Villareal came back strongly and so did Athletico. Should be interesting to see how they strengthen or weaken the league next year with mass exodus predicted from Barcelona.

Serie A – The top 4 should be Inter, Roma, Juventus and AC Milan hopefully. Milan has been a shadow of the past and need a overhaul for sure. Inter and Juve will be strengthening themselves to fight for the Champions League and Roma will remain a powerhouse with Totti and the likes. There will e new guard in most of the top clubs.

Bundesliga – With Klinsmann taking over Bayern expect an exciting team from Germany in next year’s Champions League. This is going to be my second favourite in Europe next season. They are coming, the Germans…

Champions League – The final on May 21st between Manchester United and Chelsea should be a good watch for Football fans around the world. I have this hunch that Chelsea is going to win the match. Hope next year’s edition brings better luck to Arsenal.


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Is Arsenal FC the second richest/biggest club in the world?

Would the Arsenal fans be in for a surprise when Arsenal FC declare their results for last season (2006-07) sometime this month. The mood is very positive and everyone is expecting a record-breaking result this time around.

The Forbes Soccer team valuations in 2006 (end of 2005-06 season) listed Arsenal as the 3rd richest club in the world behind Manchester United and Real Madrid. At a value estimated at $ 915 Mn, it was $121 million behind Real Madrid ($1036 Mn) and $538 Mn behind Man U($1453).

With the new stadium starting operations from the last season, the money from the gates and the in-stadia advertising must be added in to the revenue. With a seating capacity of 60,432 the Emirates stadium is one of the biggest in England. Most of the home matches last year were seeing on an average 60,000 spectators and if we multiple that by £30 (it is really on the lower side, trust me), we get $ 3.6 Mn per match. Now lets assume that we had atleast 25 home matches (19 Premier League and I am just putting 6 other home matches), it adds up to a good $ 90 Mn. That is just from the tickets sale. Point taken that in Highbury they had maybe half the revenue of the current tickets sale.

Now all the money from the in-stadia advertising and kits (I dont think this was factored in 2005-06 season) etc should add up to more than the deficit we have between Real Madrid even if we take into account a decent growth for Real Madrid.

So watch this space for more.


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Watch out for Bayern & La Liga Serie A openers

Well caught a bit of Bayern Munich vs Hanover 96 match and now I do not have any doubt that this Bavarian side will surely win the Bundesliga hands down. They won the match quite comfortable, 3-0, goals coming from Luca Toni, van Bommel and Altintop!!!

Ribery was running the game and Bayern are getting their money’s worth from him. Now that I have seen him play in the pre-season and in the Bundesliga matches I think he would not have fitted into the Gunners line up as he controls the team. And we already have Fabregas doing it in the Arsene way. Using Ribery as a right winger would be restricting his movement and game. Ribery had a wonderful match. I have never seen somebody take corners and free-kicks so perfectly (maybe Riquelme). He was quick, he avoided tackles, got the tough balls and passed it around. Well Bundesliga winners are decided. Well they are the only unbeaten team in Bundesliga with 10-0 goal tally! Impressive.
La Liga started with Real winning their Madrid derby, 2-1 and Sevilla slamming 4 goals past Getafe.

Serie A had its own share of excitement when Juve scored 5 goals with Trezeguet scoring a hat-trick.

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