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Wonderful start…now maintain the momentum

You could not have asked for a better start than this. An away match against Everton is not an easy one be it the start or the middle of the season, but the 6-1 demolition job of Everton was the biggest margin of victory in the Premier League. Goals from Denilson (when was the last time he scored), Vermaelen(that is a scoring a debut), Gallas, couple for Captain Cesc and a return to scoring charts for Eduardo.


Like Wenger mentioned after the match, when we are having a match like this, anyone in this team can score!!! Well that is quite true. We do have matches like this once in a while. Song and Denilson did have a good match and it is players like them who have to play like this week in and week out if we have to give a title-challenge come December. Already bookers William have brought down the odds of Arsenal’s title chances from 9-1 to 11-2!!! Mark Lawrenson in BBC had predicted a 2-0 victory to Everton in his weekly predictions, I am sure he is having a great day today. In a way I like it when people under-estimate us and we prove them wrong. I guess Patrick Barclay in Times is the only pundit who gave Arsenal some weightage.

Lets not get over excited by this win and prepare and finish the job at Celtics midweek so that we are assured of some revenue from playing in Europe. And then take it up from there. And one good word for Van Persie, Arshavin and Bendtner who were immense in the match too. Almunia was stellar under the bars catching every corner and cross that came to the Arsenal box. It really feels nice after we win like this 🙂


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Wenger needs to improve the squad for a top 4 finish

What a see-saw match…First I thought we were not getting any points in this match. Then we scored two and I thought maybe we are lucky enough for 3 points with this team and then it was finally 2 points lost…the way we defended, probably it was one point gained. It was awful defending which cost us in the end.

To me Song, Denilson and Diaby are second grade players to be in this team. I know some of you might not agree with me as one of two of them scored the goals for us…but that doesnt mean that they are good enough to be in the Arsenal team. Denilson might get the benefit of doubt, but there is no doubt about the lazy and laidback Diaby and Song. Diaby tries a lot of flicks and clever passes throughout the match and I wonder how many times he has given the ball away to opposition. It gets frustrating sometimes watching him play.

And in Silvestre and Gallas we have two good players who have lost the edge. Gallas is slow for the Premier league and the penalty conceded was unpardonable. So I hope Wenger does something to rectify this…And Toure is not at his best. Probably Djourou is our best bet for central defence!!!

I do not have much more to write about the match but I have to mention about Sagna…He was the most outstanding player in an Arsenal jersey last night. He was solid at the back. And I don’t have words to describe that over head kick to make that save!!!


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Wigan need to be beaten at home

A quick one before the match against Wigan tomorrow.

Team news is that Gallas will be out inured but Kolo Toure should be back and partnering Djourou who had a decent game except for the own goal. If these two can pair up and put in a solid performance, they would be the ideal partners to do well at the centre of midfield for Arsenal in the future. Silvestre also would be back in contention and he should ideally find himself in the substitute list.

Eboue back in action means our right midfield is also taken care of and we should see some action on that side. Eboue should add to the offensive from the right and if he and Sagna can do the magic which they did for some matches in the last season, this season should hold some promise for the Gunners. It remains to be seen if Wenger will start with him or not as Diaby is also injured and Denilson might operate on that side of the pitch.

The team cannot have any more let ups. A win against Manchester United was followed by a loss and Wenger cannot let that happen after a win against Chelsea. We need to keep the tempo going and hope that the other big three will lose/draw somewhere.

Here is to an Arsenal victory.

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It is the rich Man City vs the poor-strength Arsenal

It has been quite disturbing to watch Arsenal in the Premier league…one week they go and beat the title-holders in style and the next week they show new levels of incompetency and get beaten at home 0-2 by the Aston Villa. I am not saying that Villa did not play well, they did and that’s why they won. But Arsenal’s inconsistency has been quite unnerving to a lot of us, fans who have been behind the team in ups and downs. The only problem is that for quite a few years now its been only downs and not many ups.

It is true that a bunch of youngsters are coming up in the League cup and they hold a lot of promise for the future, but what about for the now and present. There is a great article by “A Cultured Left Foot” which I believe is one of the best I have read in recent times. Wenger has himself to balme for this season because he trusted this set of players to do well and they didn’t. So his judgement has been wrong about players like Song, Diaby, Denilson, Gallas and to some extent even Walcott. He took a huge risk by signing Bischoff, when he could have signed a played who would have been available to play now. Why is Wenger betting on these kind of things when everyone knows that he had close to 20 million pounds to buy some healthy, world-class player?

Anyways let bygones be bygones and lets hope this weekend against Man City they put up a display which will please all their fans and the coach. The team doesnt have Fabregas (suspended),Walcott (injured), Eboue (injured), Sagna (injured) and Toure (injured). So this means that our right side looks very depleted.

The only positive is that Van Persie is back and he has been on a goal scoring nick in the International friendly midweek.

Lets hope for the best and see if we can get the 3 points against the blue half of Manchester. I seriously believe that we are not fighting for the title anymore as 9 points is a lead which if we have to overcome needs Chelsea and Liverpool to do an “Arsenal of last season”. Lets wait and watch…

And somebody please ask William Gallas to shut up. I think he has gone too far this season and would be better off playing on the field rather than in front of the media. This is probably the last season for him in Emirates.

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A fitting reply in Europe…but doubts persist

Arsenal beat possibly their toughest group opponents in their group in Europe, Porto by 4 goals. “Complete performance” termed it Wenger, but I still feel that Porto did have their chances and a better team would have made this core line look like 4-3 or 4-2.

Standout performance to me came from Theo Walcott. Everytime he had the ball there was an excitement. He has improved quite a bit and I feel this year he will score some goals and assists. Well he better…

It is nice to see both your key strikers scoring goals and Adebayor did have some chances to score a hat-trick but he missed out. He provided an assist to Van P for his goal.

Fabregas was regaining his touch with some awesome through balls. I thought he had a very good match and he is getting used to playing next to Denilson.

The doubts I have are on our defensive form. Though Wenger came out and praised the defence a day before the Hull match, I seriously feel that they lack the discipline, especially from Gallas. There was a specific incident where Gallas went ahead on the left side and passed it to Nasri who lost possesion. Porto were starting an attack and our man Gallas was leisurely coming back to the line when Porto forced a save out of Almunia. Gallas should have rushed back to protect the goal instead of hopping back to the backline. Sometime I feel he needs to be shouted at. I still have this grudge against him for shouting at Clichy(one of my fav Gunners) for giving away a last minute penalty against Birmingham, which started the slide last season.

We need to win consistently in the league to top it and the next one against Sunderland will take us a step closer to that goal.

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Angry Wenger after a Frustu match

Arsenal return back to England after yet another dismal performance in Ukraine. Dynamo Kiev scored from a very disputable penalty and seemed to take all three points at home when Gallas the new Euro top scorer restored parity with two minutes left. All in all it would be satisfying to come back with a point given the circumstances but I think Arsenal will sink this Ukrainian ship in London in the return leg. Walcott was once again the hero providing the cross from the right which was poked in by Gallas.

Wenger has come out strongly against the Kiev players, especially on their tackle on Walcott…He says

The referee should have sent the left-back off three times because he tried to destroy Walcott.

On the Sagna Penalty

Sagna is convinced he [Ognjen Vukojevic] pulled him with his two hands on his shirt and then went down. We have to deal with that; if you get a penalty you get a penalty.

On the referee not giving enough injury time

I wanted to know how we only played three minutes injury time and then during these three minutes we only played one minute of injury time. Every referee looks to have a different computer to calculate injury time and I still don’t know how it works. He couldn’t explain to me; he just told me he felt it was enough.

The game was a mixture of frustration and relief, frustration because the game should have been over at half-time, and relief because we scored with minutes to go. When we got back to 1-1, Dynamo looked very, very tired but the game was finished with the interruptions. You could feel the game was there for the taking but we had no opportunity to play. We feel we have lost two points but the referee should have sent the left-back off three times because he tried to destroy Walcott.

Next up is Porto at home on September 30th


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Dutch dominate

Great stuff from the team in orange!!!

Holland qualified from the group of death in style beating France 4-1 in another stylish victory. So in two consecutive matches they have made a mockery of last World Cup finalists, beating Italy previously 3-0. The team has shown all the flair of its coach Marco Van Basten in the way they play.

Robben’s substitution made all the difference in the way Holland switched on the style and pace.  The first half ended with the Dutch leading by a Kuyt goal. The second was one of the best counter attack goals that you will see this season, a neat work from Nistelrooy, a swift run and cross from Robben and a clinical finish from Van Persie. The third was a Robben special from an acute angle. He had very little space to plug he shot which is what he did. The picture will show you how much little space was left for him to make an attempt.

The last goal came in the injury time adding insult to injury to the French team. The ever improving Sneijder with a trademark finish to seal the win. Sneijder, Van der Vaart, Persie, Robben, Bronckhorst and Nistelrooy are the players who make this team click with their attacking flair. except for Nistelrooy who is past 30, this whole bunch of players will be there for the long haul for the Dutch. Van der Saar was also quite impressive  under the bar.

As for the French, it has to be said that they played better than they played against the Romanians. But age shows especially in defence. Gallas has dropped his guard towards the end of the season with Arsenal and with the ageing Thuram were no match for the Dutch attacks. Henry has lost some of the gloss off his skills, with his mess of a easy chance with only the goalie to beat. Anelka and Gomis were both out of sorts. The team needs a complete overhaul.

Anyways, three cheers for the Dutch!!!

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