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Wonderful start…now maintain the momentum

You could not have asked for a better start than this. An away match against Everton is not an easy one be it the start or the middle of the season, but the 6-1 demolition job of Everton was the biggest margin of victory in the Premier League. Goals from Denilson (when was the last time he scored), Vermaelen(that is a scoring a debut), Gallas, couple for Captain Cesc and a return to scoring charts for Eduardo.


Like Wenger mentioned after the match, when we are having a match like this, anyone in this team can score!!! Well that is quite true. We do have matches like this once in a while. Song and Denilson did have a good match and it is players like them who have to play like this week in and week out if we have to give a title-challenge come December. Already bookers William have brought down the odds of Arsenal’s title chances from 9-1 to 11-2!!! Mark Lawrenson in BBC had predicted a 2-0 victory to Everton in his weekly predictions, I am sure he is having a great day today. In a way I like it when people under-estimate us and we prove them wrong. I guess Patrick Barclay in Times is the only pundit who gave Arsenal some weightage.

Lets not get over excited by this win and prepare and finish the job at Celtics midweek so that we are assured of some revenue from playing in Europe. And then take it up from there. And one good word for Van Persie, Arshavin and Bendtner who were immense in the match too. Almunia was stellar under the bars catching every corner and cross that came to the Arsenal box. It really feels nice after we win like this 🙂


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Arshavin inspiring, Arsenal aspiring

The best match of the season and except for Bendtner missing all those chances every single player in an Arsenal jersey on the field player exceptionaly well. Clean entertainment for all fans and neutrals alike, class and style was oozing in every move.


Arshavin was no doubt the man of the match followed very closely by Samir Nasri and Song!!! Ya Song had a very very good match and maybe he is improving at the right time for the team. Walcott has his best match after his comeback and Eboue played a cameo which he will never foget in his lifetime with two goals in this match. Almunia made some crucial saves and our back four were very consistent. The team that started was

Sagna Toure Djourou Clichy
Walcott Denilson Song Arshavin

Nasri fit well into the slot behind Bendtner and Arshavin also found himself in that role quite often. Nasri had a freekick rebounding of the cross bar and was involved in every Arsenal move forward along with Arshavin and Walcott who seems to be returning to his speedy ways. Diaby, Vela and Eboue replaced Walcott, Bendtner and Nasri towards the end. If Bendtner had not missed out on his chances we would have won this match some 10-0. Great stuff from the Gunners and the home crowd had a good match to remember for a long long time.

Though the first goal was also credited to Arshavin it was rebounded off a Blackburn defender. And when the second half resumed Arsenal produced chance after chance and it was in the 65th minute that Arshavin the star scored his first goal for the team and what a goal it was. Denilson’s measured pass found him on the right flank and then he meandered through the Blackburn defence and feinted the last defender and from a narrow angle hit the roof of the goal. This is what he has brought in the club to do, trickery and clever play from the Russian.


Bendtner’s luck at goal meant that he will be replaced by Vela who produced a cross from the right side which found Arshavin on the left and his shot on goal was saved and Eboue was available for the tap in. That was 3-0. And the last goal was again a Vela creation as he was fouled inside the box and guess who took the penalty, Emmanuel Eboue – The stadium announcer said “The new Arsenal Goal machine, Emmanuel”!!!Well Football can surprise anyone and this team means business now.

But it has been a long time since any Gooner would have gone to sleep with satisfaction after watching an Arsenal match. Tonight is one of those nights, so enjoy it wherever you are.

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One for Clichy

It is not everyday that you get some stats and funda on one of my favourite players in the team – Clichy. It seems with 118 interceptions he intercepted the most number of passes in the premier league so far!!! Well done Clichy and keep it up. So many times you have seen him charging on the opposition player and stealing the ball or intercepting it.


And the number two in that list is Denilson (!!!) with 109 interceptions. Wow for him too.

Well done guys and lets keep the winning momentum going. Here is the complete article from Guardian


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Wenger needs to improve the squad for a top 4 finish

What a see-saw match…First I thought we were not getting any points in this match. Then we scored two and I thought maybe we are lucky enough for 3 points with this team and then it was finally 2 points lost…the way we defended, probably it was one point gained. It was awful defending which cost us in the end.

To me Song, Denilson and Diaby are second grade players to be in this team. I know some of you might not agree with me as one of two of them scored the goals for us…but that doesnt mean that they are good enough to be in the Arsenal team. Denilson might get the benefit of doubt, but there is no doubt about the lazy and laidback Diaby and Song. Diaby tries a lot of flicks and clever passes throughout the match and I wonder how many times he has given the ball away to opposition. It gets frustrating sometimes watching him play.

And in Silvestre and Gallas we have two good players who have lost the edge. Gallas is slow for the Premier league and the penalty conceded was unpardonable. So I hope Wenger does something to rectify this…And Toure is not at his best. Probably Djourou is our best bet for central defence!!!

I do not have much more to write about the match but I have to mention about Sagna…He was the most outstanding player in an Arsenal jersey last night. He was solid at the back. And I don’t have words to describe that over head kick to make that save!!!


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Denilson stats from Gunnerblog

Well stats always throws up a surprise…And Gunnerblog talks about some on Denilson…quite interesting…

Like they say, there are lies, damn lies and then statistics 🙂

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Bolton bolted at Reebok

In a superior performance laced with style and substance Arsenal overcame a physical Bolton at their home ground by three goals to one. With this result and other results going Arsenal’s way, the Gunners could well end up on top of the Premier League come the weekend.

The match started off with Arsenal showing their class and superiority in passing the ball around. but everytime Bolton won a free-kick, or a throw in or a corner, they looked threatening. Arsenal conceded first from a set-piece and the home crowd were celebrating first. But then came a brief 10 minute spell of Arsenal domination which left the 11 Bolton players to defend their goal. It was a exhilarating football fom Arsenal and it was a matter of when they will score. A brilliant one two from Adebayor and Bendtner saw the ball reach Eboue who played in the left wing who smashed in his first goal for Arsenal in the premier league. Arsenal continued their domination and was again rewarded with a neatly made goal orchestrated by Fabregas and Denilson and finished by Bendtner.

The first half ended with Clichy getting injured by a red-card-Kevin-Davies-tackle which ended only in a yellow. Anyways Clichy is fine now and hopefully should be back in training in a couple of days time. We have replacements in the form of Silvestre, provided he is fit and the dude Kieran Gibbs!!!

The second half saw a recharged Bolton taking control of the possession and movement though Arsenal did have their chance. Adebayor had a very good performace if you ask me setting up a lot of moves and providing assist for the third goal. Arsenal were less forceful in the second half and the one goal lead was always under threat as long as Bolton crossed into the box. Almunia was called into action more then once and he did have a creditable performance under the bar.

No match is complete these days without mentioning the man of the moment, Theo Walcott. He came in for Eboue and was instrumental in some of the best moves in the second half. His run with the ball from the centre and cross to Adebayor on the right was the move that resulted in the third goal. Adebayor was selfless and crossed to Denilson who scored his second of the season. What a way to end the match.

So far Wenger has taken care of two of the toughest away matches of the season, Blackburn and Bolton in style and that too in between the trip to Kiev. Lets see if Wenger can keep this run going with this young team.

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Persie double delight in a thumping win

Arsenal returned to winning ways and they achieved that in style, thumping Newcastle United 3-0 at the Emirates. It goes on to show that if the opposition deploys an attack-minded football, it gives the Gunners room to exploit and attack in the breaks. The match saw the return to goal scoring form of Van the Man and Denilson score his first goal for Arsenal in the Premier League.

The match featured all the good thiings associated with the North Londoners as they decimated the Magpies in a well contested match. It is credit to the defensive work of Clichy, Gallas, Toure and Sagna that the Newcastle attacks fizzed out without a goal. Newcastle did trouble a bit with Ngogbia and Jonas making some good runs and dominating some parts of the play. But when Fabregas plays the team takes an entirely new dimension in attack.

For once Eboue played his role to perfection and his setting up of the second goal for Persie reminded many of the way Pires played for the Gunners. Like one of my freinds in Malaysia put it, it was Pires in Eboue’s clothing!!! When the Gunners are on song, goals and goal chances come in plenty. It ended in 3 but it could have been 5 or 6. Persie could have scored a hat trick if his powerfully taken shot from an acute angle had gone in instead of pounding on the cross bar. I thought Adebayor played very well and deserved a goal. He gave his heart out and I am sure this effort will not go in vain and he might have got back some of his fans.

Carlos Vela made his appearance after Van Persie got injured (hope it is a minor one) and showed his class and goal scoring instincts when he appeared a bit selfish in and around the box. Nasri combined well with Clichy and Fabregas, everything seems to be on ytrack so far. All Wenger needs to do now is get an experienced central midfielder to support Cesc. With a day left on the transfer window, hope Wenger does the necessary.

Here is a good read on the Arsenal Academy. (financial) necessity being the mother of (youthful) invention

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