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Kaka moves to Madrid

Brazilian playmaker and AC Milan’s star player announced to the world that he has decided to ply his trade in the whites of Real Madrid from next season. He is the first of the new galactico signed by Real this year. In an offer that Milan, who is supposedly affected by the ongoing financial recession according to Kaka, valued at €65m for a six-year deal, Kaka made his move.


But he seems to be doing it out of gratitude to Milan than by compulsion to move. In his own words 

Everything I’ve always done for Milan has been by mutual agreement, from the moment I arrived until my departure today. I’m leaving by the front door

And Milan in a statement said

His loss on the field, though serious, can be filled. It will, however, be very difficult to fill the void left by Kaka the man

Lets hope Kaka does well in Madrid and Milan get over the crisis with this money and gain success in Italy. Both the club and the player are liked by many including me.

Here is a good take on the deal by Tim Vickery in BBC


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Sanity prevails in Football

Kaka decided to stay put in Milan declining a personal offer of a multi-million personal package from Man City…and to some extent AC Milan redeemed itself by not bowing to money.


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Goodbye to Gilberto, Hleb & Flamini

It has been a month of goodbyes from the Emirates camp with the once very densely populated Arsenal midfield getting thinner and thinner as we near the season. Two first teamers Hleb and Flamini left the club to join Barcelona and AC Milan. One very loyal player who I thought might stay to lend some experience to the midfield, Gilberto also left few days back to the Greek club,Panathinakos.

Wenger would not have sold all these players if he did not have a plan. He sure is hardpressed for money, though that is never declared in public, he would have thought about suitable replacements who would come in before the season starts. One heartening matter is that Rosicky would be ready by September and if he and Van Persie can stay fit for atleast 3/4ths of the season, the team would look strong to challenge a lot of top teams for the league. With Eduardo most likely to return by the end of the year, the team would only get stronger.

Gilberto, a world cup winner with Brazil, played in the Copa America just before the 2007-08 season started and was tired to join the squad for the season starting. This meant that Flamini took his place and put in his best season for the club only to go out on a free transfer. Flamini also was responsible to some extent for Diarra feeling demotivated sitting in the bench. He also left for Portsmouth. So Gilberto who had one of his best seasons in 2006-07, leading the side for most of the season due to Henry’s injury, found himself to be the second in line for the holding midfielder role. Well, he did a great job for the team and I wish him all the best for his future.

Thanks also to Flamini the fighter and Hleb the dribbler for their contributions.

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It’s been 1 year of blogging

Football is a game which I love to watch and occasionally would love to play. The best I can do on a more regular basis is write about it and that is what I have been doing for the past one year. Yes, I am proud to have kept my blog alive for one year now. Lots of goals have been scored and free-kicks taken that I have written close to 140 posts in the last 365 days.

Thanks a lot guys and gals for stopping over my blog and reading it, sometimes also leaving your valuable comment for me. It has been a pleasure and I can understand why Theirry Henry is one of the most adored player in this whole world. The post about his farewell has received the most hits and comments in this blog. Most of the comments have been like “Henry is the best, I love you”.

The most number of articles have definitely been on Arsenal, on the Premier League and about Football in Europe. You cannot blame it if that is what is the most shown and watched around leagues in the world. But it has been a long journey and I have loved every bit of it.

I have met a few people through the blog from Germany, France and India. It has been a pleasure guys and keep coming back for more. And ya Arsenal has had a decent season to put it realistically. Hope that they would challenge for more honours in this season and give Manchester Uniteds and Chelseas of the world a fight.

EPL – Whatever Keegan has said, it has been one of the best seasons ever with the Title being decided only  in the last day of the season. Manchester United started slow but played consistently well and scored the most and conceded the least to deservedly win the league. Chelsea came back strongly in the second half, but it was too little too late. Arsenal was written off by one and all of the opposition camps but Wenger believed in his players and they proved him good. Next season is again a challenge.

La Liga – Real Madrid were the least worst in the league to put it mildly. Barcelona were in shambles with internal fighting dominating the media and some of the star players not even getting to play. Villareal came back strongly and so did Athletico. Should be interesting to see how they strengthen or weaken the league next year with mass exodus predicted from Barcelona.

Serie A – The top 4 should be Inter, Roma, Juventus and AC Milan hopefully. Milan has been a shadow of the past and need a overhaul for sure. Inter and Juve will be strengthening themselves to fight for the Champions League and Roma will remain a powerhouse with Totti and the likes. There will e new guard in most of the top clubs.

Bundesliga – With Klinsmann taking over Bayern expect an exciting team from Germany in next year’s Champions League. This is going to be my second favourite in Europe next season. They are coming, the Germans…

Champions League – The final on May 21st between Manchester United and Chelsea should be a good watch for Football fans around the world. I have this hunch that Chelsea is going to win the match. Hope next year’s edition brings better luck to Arsenal.


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Flamini gone, Hleb rumoured to leave, Next season a challenge for Wenger & a great finish to the season

One of the best performers of last season, Flamini left for AC Milan on a free transfer, which would certainly dent Wenger’s confidence in rebuilding a somewhat stable team. With Hleb also rumoured to leave with his agent coming out in the media with all sorts of a threat of buying out his own contract and joining Inter.

Arsenal has definitely improved as a team from last season with more points and a better position than last year. But the problem is that so has the other teams which meant that Manchester United and Chelsea got just better than Arsenal. Wenger’s hands tied for transfer and salary money means our most valuable player, Fabregas gets half of what say a Ronaldo or Terry might get. Now the challenge is to keep this team like this for next year. Real and Barca can come calling for Fabregas with double of what he is currently getting and this is where all the good will that Wenger has put in with his young players will come through. His relationship with Fabregas and other young players should keep them in this club for couple more years or atleast an year even if they dont win any trophy.

The team is well set at the back with probably a Center back needed and the midfield cover for Fabregas is also required in the Flamini mode. Gilberto could do that next season if he stays and with couple of youngsters set to graduate into the senior team, I guess midfield is taken care of. Vela is set to come back into the first team from Osasuna, where he is on loan. And another finisher in the front would be a welcome addition as Eduardo would not be back before December and Persie can be prone to further injuries. Probably Rosicky would also be fit for next season and play atleast 20-30 matches.

So it is a challenge for Wenger to make sure the likes of Hleb and all stay and get some quality signings like Sagna into the team with whatever little money that he has in his transfer kitty.

Coming to the title run in this year, it is all set to be one of the most watched footballing weekend of all time in the history of football. It is definitely advantage Manchester United as the decider match starts all at the same time. One goal for either team would put pressure on the other, but for me it is United’s to lose than Chelsea’s to win. It is all set to be an awesome Sunday for all football lovers.

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No point in creating if we cannot complete

The first leg at Emirates turned out to be quite a frustrating one for Arsenal as they scored first but in less than three minutes Liverpool equalised through a defensive lapse and then minutes and minutes of possession and control of proceedings did not yield the winner. This has been a season of missed opportunities like last year, where they created a lot but the finishing left a lot to be desired.

A footballing team like Arsenal will always create chances in any match (unless they play really really bad). Wenger philosophy of passing football, maintaining possession and  playing in the opposition half will go waste if he cannot find a striker who can finish off these chances. Even converting one quarter of all the chances created can yield 3 points or a victory in every match the team has played so far. Such has been the creativity of Fabregas, Hleb, Walcott and even Adebayor for that matter. But when it came to finishing, Adebayor himself has left us disappointed, so has Van Persie after coming back from injury (and going back to it) and Bendtner, whose enthusiasm is understandable but finishing undefinable.

Even the midfielders who have had goal scoring opportunities, have disappointed. Take Fabregas, who on a one-on-one with the goalkeeper shoots straight at him nine out of 10 times. How many goals could he have scored this season, only he knows. Eboue has been also one of the main culprits and I think he has maybe made the goalie save one or two times maximum this season. Hleb has had lots of opporunities to shoot, but hasn’t. Flamini I would say has had the least number of opportunities to score, but he has also not taken his chances. So this is an area where the team needs to improve.

Eduardo was considered the solution for this finisher problem in the club, but unfortunately he wont be back till end of this year. We can always blame the referee for not giving us the penalty (which was as clear as water), or Bendtner for stopping Fabregas’s prod at the goal (he was off balance and did his best to get away, I think). but if we dont score from the chances that we get, then we will end up ruing our chances after every match. Adebayor missed a sitter at the end of the 90 minutes against AC Milan at the Emirates, but we made up for that at the San Siro. Anfield might not be the same.

Liverpool certainly has an advantage going into Anfield, but I would like to see how Arsenal bounce back. The Gunners can score in any ground as Rafa himself said, but its how Liverpool react after (if) Arsenal scores first that will decide the tie.

The Saturday clash against Liverpool in the League would be again an interesting watch to see who all play and who all get rested. I would love the momentum to be with Arsenal and see them win.

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There was only one Kaka and there will be only one Fabregas



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