Origin of Freekicker

This is a Football blog. And I am an Arsenal fan.

But I am a Football fan first hence I will write about all the football that I get to see and read. So enjoy the passes and the free-kicks. If it strikes a goal, do leave your comments.

Why I like Arsenal? For the way they play football. One touch passes and play-making which makes for edge-of-the-seat viewing. That is classy Arsenal!

Many an Arsenal football blog has been started after that disappointing Champions League Final in 2006. I started writing about Football in my blog with the entry into Semi-Final , then the Final and the tragedy that was the final. That April was the most ecstatic April for many an Arsenal fan and the following May one of the most depressing.

So this blog will predominantly track Arsenal’s progress in various tournaments they are in and also general football around Europe and other parts of the world.




11 responses to “Origin of Freekicker

  1. freekicker

    Just kick it

  2. Rohit

    nicely Sujith. Good blog man. Looks like a lot of effort has been spent on this:)

  3. Hey Sujith. Nice blog. And yes, i should be removing henry from the pic, but i’m as lazy as anyone can get at times. I’ll still looking for some good pics to replace it.

  4. walaal awafgfghjnfghgb ahg hghjgdsa ngbvhved hbhngbdh hnghgsanbjhgdnjhg hjgahdfhgasdfjgashfnbhjhjn hjgjhgdsbnbjjhbd jhjghghghdsgadsagdsgsgasddgsagsdg

  5. reza

    Hey, you’re doing a great job..

  6. Marc

    Hey, nice Arsenal blog… I wante to contact you about something Arsenal related, but I could not find your contact details. If you could email me back that would be great.


  7. Hallo, I am Arsenal Fan also and enjoying visit your blog, like it

  8. clousot

    Good site, please carry on the good job.

  9. Hey,Thanks for taking the time to write this post. Very interesting info!

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