Why Gibbs injury could be the worst thing to happen to the Gunners this season

Kieran Gibbs has been ruled out of action for atleast three weeks due to an injury he suffered in the match against Liverpool last night.  His thigh injury can make him miss premier league matches against Stoke and Sunderland as well as the all-important Champions League match against Bayern Munich.

An injured Gibbs

An injured Gibbs struggles to walk out of the pitch

His replacement in the Liverpool match is the most inconsistent left-back Wenger has ever signed, Andre Santos. Quite often we see him advance into forward positions when he would be better off staying back and shoring up the defence. He doesnt just drift into wide left areas but he drifts into centre forward areas as if he is our striker. And I remember him attempting couple of long rangers which went high into the stands when a ground pass to a fellow midfielder would have been the better option.

So if we expose our defence to Andre Santos, it would be like committing suicide. I know that the Brazilian is a much better player than what he has been displaying this season. But I don’t think at this level you have any time for trial and error. Wenger in his post match interview did hint that he will go for a replacement for the injured Gibbs.

We do have couple of easy matches in the premier league and we should ensure we get the 6 points in these two matches. Else we can really fall behind in the race to the fourth spot.


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