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Why Gibbs injury could be the worst thing to happen to the Gunners this season

Kieran Gibbs has been ruled out of action for atleast three weeks due to an injury he suffered in the match against Liverpool last night.  His thigh injury can make him miss premier league matches against Stoke and Sunderland as well as the all-important Champions League match against Bayern Munich.

An injured Gibbs

An injured Gibbs struggles to walk out of the pitch

His replacement in the Liverpool match is the most inconsistent left-back Wenger has ever signed, Andre Santos. Quite often we see him advance into forward positions when he would be better off staying back and shoring up the defence. He doesnt just drift into wide left areas but he drifts into centre forward areas as if he is our striker. And I remember him attempting couple of long rangers which went high into the stands when a ground pass to a fellow midfielder would have been the better option.

So if we expose our defence to Andre Santos, it would be like committing suicide. I know that the Brazilian is a much better player than what he has been displaying this season. But I don’t think at this level you have any time for trial and error. Wenger in his post match interview did hint that he will go for a replacement for the injured Gibbs.

We do have couple of easy matches in the premier league and we should ensure we get the 6 points in these two matches. Else we can really fall behind in the race to the fourth spot.


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We don’t want a better second half

What we want is a decent 90 minutes performance. There is no point in playing a damn good second half when you can’t play a half decent first half. The opposition will drive home the advantage in that first 45 minutes to such an extent that, no matter how well you perform later, the result will not fetch you any point.

For the second premier league game of the season, Arsenal had a horrible first half and then a much better second half. The first half at Stamford Bridge was probably too good to be true for Rafa Benitez who was having a torrid time of his own at home. He could not have believed his eyes of the very poor organisation and structure that Arsenal played. The three classy players of Chelsea – Mata, Oscar and Hazard ripped Arsenal apart and made the Gunners look like a championship side. It was pathetic from all the XI players who wore red and white.

The first chance of the game fell to Giroud. And it is a different matter to think what would have happened if that had gone in. Butit was not to be and Chelsea punished us for that. Sometimes I feel Giroud is very clumsy with his finishes. He needs atleast 10 shots to score a goal on an average. And these missed chances pile up to such an effect that he will score 2 in the space of 5 minutes against Newcastle. I think we need a striker who is more consistent with his finish. And Giroud or for that matter Walcott is not the answer. I wonder if Podolski needs to be tried at that position if Wenger doesn’t buy anyone this Jan.

We could all see the frustration among the players. Just before we conceded the second goal, Diaby was looking pissed and was seen pointing at Walcott for moving to the flank where he could make a pass instead of moving to the centre. Just after that, he lost possession to Ramires and the rest is history. 2-0. Wilshere was seen asking everyone to press further at the Chelsea players. I wonder if anyone was paying heed because there was no pressing and pressure in the first half. It was probably the worst performance that Arsenal played in this season of the league. Completely outplayed by the blues.

The second half started very well and it seems the team talk at the break worked. Like I was discussing with a friend of mine, if we had applied more pressure in the first 15-20 minutes of that second half, we would have scored 2 goals and taken the match to a different outcome. But that didn’t happen and we lost. It was a good opportunity to beat Chelsea I thought and we lost it.

Diaby looked a bit slow and his chasing back was lacking that speed which is required. Wilshere really needs to have a good season before we claim that he is world-class. I know that he is a very good player, but he needs to do that Swansea performance every match. Walcott scored, but otherwise he was not all that productive. But I think we need a striker most important. Last word on Arshavin, I feel really sad for one of the most talented players in world football getting wasted like this. He could have been a superstar but I think he chose not to.

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Chelsea 3-5 Arsenal, last year same fixture

A certain Robin destroyed Chelsea at bridge

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January 18, 2013 · 22:48

Lionel Messi wins fourth Ballon d’Or and some comments

I don’t think too many people would have thought that someone else would win this award this year. The little Argentinian had done too many things on the field this year despite winning only a Copa Del Rey as a trophy. So for the record, he got 41.36% of the votes, followed by Cristiano Ronaldo who got 23.7% of the votes and Andrés Iniesta was the second runner-up with 10.9% of the votes. Messi deserved this award not just for the 91 goals he scored in 2012, but also for the magical display he provides when he is on the field, the little demon.

Messi the magician

Messi the magician

Messi has won this award for the 4th time in a row, which in itself is a new record! Other multiple winners include –

Johan Cryuff – 3 times

Michel Platini – 3 times

Marco Van Basten – 2 times

Alfredo Di Stefano – 2 times

Franz Beckenbauer – 2 times

Kevin Keegan – 2 times

Karl Heinz Rummenigge – 2 times

Ronaldo – 2 times

And notable players who have not won this award include Pele and Maradona. But there is a reason for that.  Here is the reason as per Wiki

Originally, journalists could only vote for European players at European clubs, meaning that players like Diego Maradona (who played in European football clubs but is not European) and Pele (who neither played for a European club nor is European) were ineligible for the award. A change in the rules in 1995 allowed non-European players to be eligible for the award if they played for a European club. The first non-European to win after the rule change was Milan’s George Weah in the same year. In 2007, any player in the world became eligible, and the number of journalists allowed to vote also increased; 96 journalists from around the world chose their top five players, as opposed to the 52 Europe-based journalists in 2006

There has been a lot of discussion on whether Messi deserved it or whether Ronaldo did. I do feel that as a fan I enjoy Messi any day over Ronaldo, though I have to say that Ronaldo has improved a lot from his days at Manchester United and has become a better player. But for me it is Messi anyday. But here is an article which argues why Ronaldo would have been a better winner.

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Johan Djourou loaned to German side Hannover

25 year Swiss international, Johan Djourou who was considered the tall and strong defender we were grooming for the future was loaned out to Hannover 96 till the end of the summer. So this is the second exit from the club in his January transfer window.

When will we have some new entries?

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Chamakh on loan to West Ham confirmed that Maroune Chamakh will leave for West Ham on loan this month. But he will not feature against Arsenal in West Ham’s match at Emirates this month.

this is the first significant transfer news coming out of the Emirates. Letto hope we get to hear about some new signings now!

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Walcott signs

Looks like Theo Walcott has finally agreed to sign on a new contract with Arsenal FC. Sky Sports reported last night that “Theo Walcott’s representatives set to meet with Arsenal today, the latest of a series of meetings over the last few months”

And then the London Evening Standard reported that Theo Walcott wins his battle over new Arsenal contract

So till we hear from, lets keep fingers crossed that this is through.

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