A new low but it was coming and Guardiola whispers

In a Cup match anything can happen. But somehow as I was watching the match, I could sense that this was coming. When we were down by a goal, I was praying for us to equalise and that we did at the fag end of the match through Vermaelen. And we controlled most of the match but could never convert any of our chances. It has been the story so far this season as well as many preceding seasons, a lot of possession but no goals to show. That’s where we differ with Barca, they score!

In the match against West Brom one thing I observed was the way Gervinho played. He will get the ball in the wide areas, but would try to get into the 12 yard box all by himself and take a shot, when there were couple of opportunities for him to pass to Giroud. But he didn’t. I know that Gervinho is a player who likes to take on the opponent, do some tricks, dribble past him and shoot. But when it doesn’t work a couple of times, should he not try giving a pass to the centre forward in the team. I am amazed he was allowed to continue in that match. But his striking credentials came into question in the Capital One cup match against Bradford. His miss will go down as one of the worst misses of the season for Arsenal. What was he doing?

How can he miss this?

And the only reason I think he is still playing is because Arsene doesn’t have any options. We only have a playing XI, we do not have a good bench. If we want to replace Gervinho, we only have an underperforming Arshaving or Chamakh. But then who is to blame for that. I think it is high time Wenger went out and bought some players. Else this could get worse in the next few matches.

Wenger seems to be a frustrated soul as the season is progressing. And then there is news of a rift between him and Bould coming out in the open. Then there is the news of Guardiola expressing his interest in managing Arsenal.

More frustration for Arsene


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December 14, 2012 · 22:48

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