West Brom @ home – must win

Last few weeks have been harrowing for the manager, answering questions about his reign in North London following the toothless display of the team over the period. Arsenal lie 10th in the league, quite an unfamiliar position at this stage of the season for many fans. And the last match in the premier league was a defeat at home for the team against a spirited Swansea. But what has irked most fans is our lack of attacking options.

I would say that Wenger has to take the blame for not getting one more striker or a midfielder in the summer. If he expected Diaby, Wilshere and Rosicky to come back from injury and give the team the extra boost, it has not worked so far. Wilshere will take atleast another month to get back to the form that he displayed before he went out injured. Rosicky has started showing the spark, but honestly he needs to be brought in slowly into the first team. Let me not make any comment on Diaby. I think we should not expect anything from him because he is so very prone to injuries. I really had some hope on him when  we started but then thats about as long as he has survived fit.

I think this team can still finish in the top 3 or 4 come end of the season. But then we will need to start winning and scoring some goals. And also but one or two players in the January transfer window. We definitely need a striker. We can’t hope to finish the season with only Giroud as the striker. And lets hope there will be some buyer for Chamakh and Arshavin in January. I really would not want to let go of Arshavin but I think he is not putting in the 100% that is required of him.

I would not even want to comment on all the rubbish that is going on about asking for Wenger’s resignation. I think people need to be realistic here.

On the weekend match against West Brom, we should have our key players fresh after a good rest, ready to blow away the opposition. Podolski is a suspect, so is Sagna. West Brom has played well so far in being in the top half of the table. But I guess they are punching much above their weight at this stage. They are 5 points and 5 places above Arsenal at this stage. And Arsenal have their lowest points tally in the Wenger reign at this stage and West Brom’s league position is their highest after 15 games since 1981! So lets hope we get the much wanted 3 points. We need that desperately to get back that confidence going for a very busy month. This has now become a kind of must win for the team in all respects.


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