April round up

Nothing was more dramatic than the two semifinals of the Champions League! And what a contrast both matches were. In the English Premier League, Arsenal had a mediocre April though we had a great start to the month. Personally Van Persie won two awards which he would cherish for his entire career.

Lets start with Arsenal. We started the month with a dominant performance against Man City. Complete domination resulted in an unjust scoreline of 1-0 though. What a great match that was and it almost put an end to Man City’s title aspirations. This match was followed by another good performance against Wolves away from home. Then came two under-par performances against Wigan and Chelsea. Arsenal had everything to play for against Chelsea but looked like they didn’t plan to attack.

Van Persie won the Professional Footballers’ Association award and the Football Writers Association award in 2012. It’s an irony that when he got the award, he had not scored in the last 3-4 matches.

Robin Van Persie with the 2012 PFA Award

And then lets come to the Champions League. Barcelona which started the tie at home with a goal deficit attacked from the whistle but Chelsea’s defensive strategy paid off. John Terry got sent off, rightfully so,but that did not deter the determination of Chelsea and they did not let Messi and co thread pass in the final quarter of the ground. I don’t know if it was anti-football, but it was quite boring stuff from Chelsea. The only thing that kept us (football fans) glued on to the TV was whether Barca could get a goal or if Chelsea can do a quick counter attack.

Dejected Barca; Ecstatic Chelsea

The second CL semifinal was quite a contrast and both teams played attacking football. But the big thing was how the Madrid players missed their penalties. And that too the most expensive footballers in the team – Ronaldo and Kaka.



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