Golden Boot

Messi and Ronaldo are pumping in goals like crazy in Spain as well as in Europe. But our own Van the Man has not been bad in a season where thankfully he has remained away from injuries, putting most of the chances that have come his way into goal. Arsenal as a team always produce more chances than many teams and it is always important to have a striker who is precise and technically sound to put them away. And that is what Van Persie has done this year.


Van The Man

Since January 2011, Van Persie has scored an astonishing 55 goals in 62 appearances for the club. Of these in the 2011-12 season he has scored 38 goals of which 26 have come in the league. That’s pure masterclass. And he is 6 short of becoming the all time record scorer in a season beating Alan Shearer and C Ronaldo. He has 8 more matches to do that. Not impossible. Like they say, Robin scores when he wants.

The closest in the race for the golden boot this year is Wayne Rooney with 21 goals, who scored a lot of them from the penalty spot. But anyways, here is the list

  1. Robin Van Persie – 26 goals
  2. Wayne Rooney – 21 goals
  3. Sergio Aguero – 17 goals
  4. Demba Ba – 16 goals

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