Wenger – Manager of the month, February 2012

Manager of the Month: Feb 2012

In a month where we crashed out of the FA cup and got a thrashing in Milan in the Champions League, it came as a surprise when we were the superior team in the Premier League. Wenger won the Manager of the month for the 12th time in his career by winning it for the month of February 2012.

Arsenal was unbeaten in February taking 10 points from a maximum of 12. Thoroughly beating Blackburn Rovers 7-1. I watched that match in Phuket. On an office trip there and it was on the night we landed and what a way to start a trip. Huge win for the team.

The next match we edged out Sunderland with a late finish from Henry. Sadly that second goal was the last contribution by our ex-player the Russian genius, Arshavin. I missed that match.

And the last one of the month is our best match of the season and one of the best derbies ever. What a match!!! And that one I watched in Pataudi Palace during my anniversary. And Jasmita says the scoreline and the win was all because of her support and cheering.




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