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Golden Boot

Messi and Ronaldo are pumping in goals like crazy in Spain as well as in Europe. But our own Van the Man has not been bad in a season where thankfully he has remained away from injuries, putting most of the chances that have come his way into goal. Arsenal as a team always produce more chances than many teams and it is always important to have a striker who is precise and technically sound to put them away. And that is what Van Persie has done this year.


Van The Man

Since January 2011, Van Persie has scored an astonishing 55 goals in 62 appearances for the club. Of these in the 2011-12 season he has scored 38 goals of which 26 have come in the league. That’s pure masterclass. And he is 6 short of becoming the all time record scorer in a season beating Alan Shearer and C Ronaldo. He has 8 more matches to do that. Not impossible. Like they say, Robin scores when he wants.

The closest in the race for the golden boot this year is Wayne Rooney with 21 goals, who scored a lot of them from the penalty spot. But anyways, here is the list

  1. Robin Van Persie – 26 goals
  2. Wayne Rooney – 21 goals
  3. Sergio Aguero – 17 goals
  4. Demba Ba – 16 goals

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Jack Wilshere in the new Pepsi ad

along with Messi, Aguero, Drogba and Torres (really?)

You can see the ad here

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Arsenal @ Anfield in pics

It was a great match, Liverpool did all the playing against nd we did all the scoring. We scored three, from two chances that came at the opposition end and one that came at our end.

So we gained 3 points in a match where if Liverpool ended up winners no one would have complained. It was an important week for Arsenal as both Chelsea and Tottenham dropped points. Lets hope we end the season strongly finishing above the Spurs and Chelsea at 3rd.

Liverpool's best player was Suarez, but he dived to get the penalty

Arsenal's best player of the match Szczesny saves the penalty and the follow on effort from Kuyt

Koscielny had a decent match,but for this own goal...he could have done better

Van Persie heads in an immaculate cross from Sagna,1 chance 1 goal

Van Persie's second was one of his best finishes; beating Reina at the near post

Alexander Song once again gave a killer pass to Van Persie to finish off the game. This is not the first time Song has delivered an attacking option.


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Wenger – Manager of the month, February 2012

Manager of the Month: Feb 2012

In a month where we crashed out of the FA cup and got a thrashing in Milan in the Champions League, it came as a surprise when we were the superior team in the Premier League. Wenger won the Manager of the month for the 12th time in his career by winning it for the month of February 2012.

Arsenal was unbeaten in February taking 10 points from a maximum of 12. Thoroughly beating Blackburn Rovers 7-1. I watched that match in Phuket. On an office trip there and it was on the night we landed and what a way to start a trip. Huge win for the team.

The next match we edged out Sunderland with a late finish from Henry. Sadly that second goal was the last contribution by our ex-player the Russian genius, Arshavin. I missed that match.

And the last one of the month is our best match of the season and one of the best derbies ever. What a match!!! And that one I watched in Pataudi Palace during my anniversary. And Jasmita says the scoreline and the win was all because of her support and cheering.



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5-2 against the enemy

That's how we celebrate winning against Spurs

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