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A seven minute comeback

It was return to one of those great nights we have longed to see where Arsenal came back from behind to score 3 goals and win the match 3-2. And what a way to do it. In 7 minutes flat. With this victory Arsenal moved into the fifth round of the FA Cup.


King of Emirates with the King of Highbury: Courtesy Arsenal Supporters India

Trailing by two goals at half time in the Emirates against a very positive Aston Villa, the team went into the dugout hearing boos from the crowd. Efforts were made in the first half and chances did come and were taken, but the end product did not come through. And as it is happening these days, against the run of play Villa scored, one from a header taken from a short corner and the other from a acute angle from Bent. Fabianski could not be blamed for both I guess.

The setback at half time required a suitable reply and what a response from the team. They came back stronger and determined to prove a point. Wenger must have had his choice of words at the dressing room. But whatever it was, it worked.

Ramsey was felled by Dunne who should have been sent off for the second offence (already on a yellow card) and the penalty was duly converted by Van the man. Second goal came two minutes later when Walcott of all the people did his dribbling along the right flank, closed in on the goal, shot at it. His effort was saved by Given,but the resultant clearance by the Villa defender reflected off Walcott’s shoulder and went in. Slice of luck! The next one came five minutes later when one of our best players this season Koscielny got into the Villa box and was felled by Bent this time. Van P did the honours this time and the comeback was complete.

It was an awesome match and how we wish this would be the turning point for the team and we go on to win more matches and go up the table as well as progress further in the Cup.


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Who stands where on the social media

Social Media stats of the Premier League in 2011/12 - Courtesy: Freestyle Interactive

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Happy New Year

to all you gooners and all you football fans! Have a great year

May Arsenal go on to win one trophy this year and qualify for Champions League next year. I think that’s all I would like to see happen in this season atleast.

I have been off this blog for sometime now, work and travel has been the primary reason. But I think I will be back with more commentary on what’s going on in the football world soon and more regularly.

How can leave you all without mentioning the most important player of this season so far, Robin Van Persie! He has been his best this season and has contributed in goals, in leading from the front and in inspiring the team from the early lows of the season. Lets hope he stays fit and continues on his goal-scoring trip for some years for Arsenal.

Who needs Batman when we have Robin!


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