Which number are you wearing?

Read this article on the Guardian on the Top 10 names on fans shirts last season – pretty interesting read.

This is how it looks:

1 Rooney – No questions asked as he has been in prime form and his club has been doing well, so probably sways a lot of Utd fans to have his shirt number

2 Torres – dropped to second after topping the first three seasons…talks about his dreadful form in the last season in Liverpool and his first season in Chelsea

3 Gerrard – talisman for his club and he will continue to be the topper at Merseyside

4 Chicharito (Javier Hernández) – surprised by this one though. I think this speaks of expectations…and I think he will be surpassed by others on this list next year

5 Van Persie – surprise surprise…he is the top number in Arsenal. I thought that was reserved for Fabregas ever since Henry left the club. But this is due to Persie’s comeback to form and the ever looming threat of Fabregas leaving for Barca

6 Lampard – Ever Blue player, not much to write about…but between him and Drogba they must be sharing honours on this one.

7 Drogba – must have run Lampard close on this one. Drogba continues to be the consistent striker he is for Chelsea. top player

8 Suárez – Wow! less than a season and already 8th. He has got into every Liverpool fans imagination. Good for him. I like this guy.

9 Arshavin – Well I am really surprised that he is the second one from Arsenal on this list. This speaks about our club. Underperformer that he is, I am glad he is topping somewhere. What about Nasri?

10 Giggs – Utd’s evergreen player. No surprises here

Just for everyone’s info – I have Cesc’s number on my Arsenal home jersey and I hope I will wear it for many more seasons!


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