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Can we realise the dream???

Of beating Barcelona and advancing in the Champions League?

Samir Nasri says

That’s why we like the Champions League – two teams from different countries can play and show who’s the best and that’s why it’s really important for me to win the Champions League. I have been dreaming about this competition since I was a kid, for those kind of games. And I’m really happy I was part of the first leg.

And it is not just Nasri who feels like that. And it is not just the players, but the entire support staff, the fans who feel that its games like this that keeps fans awake in different parts of the world to savour each and every minute in those 90 minutes. Nasri feels that we can do it this time in the Nou Camp.

Messi was silent in the second half of the first leg and we managed to keep them quiet. It might not be the same in front of their roaring fans. The 4 goals that he hit in the second leg last time is fresh in the memory of everyone. But having said that, it is quite apparent that this Arsenal team has improved from last year and look stronger form the team that went to Nou camp last year. Atleast this time we have Cesc. And that makes a world of difference.

Yes we do miss our best striker this season. It was Van Persie who equalised at the near post spotting Valdes off his line. And he had got his scoring touch back when we lost him. But lets not discuss on somebody who will not be playing any part in tomorrow’s match. Lets look at who we have got. In Bendtner we have a striker who has  a point to prove. And guess what he has already scored in the Nou Camp against Barca, so all he has to do is repeat that:) We cannot afford to sit back and defend. Infact it will be to our benefit to attack and score one. Which means Barcelona will have to score twice and that might be a bit too much of an asking.

This is the match where players like Arshavin, Nasri and Fabregas should take over. This is their grandstand and somehow I have this feeling that we will progress. May the best team win and let that team be Arsenal


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