Arsenal vs Chelsea

Wenger in his match conference

The statistics are history and every game is a new start

It's a fierce affair - Arsenal vs Chelsea

In the last 5 matches between these two teams, Chelsea lead Arsenal 13-2 in goals. Chelsea’s star player Drogba has played against Arsenal 13 times and has won on 10 occasions, drawn thrice and has scored 13 times!!! And everytime before these teams meet the stats are rolled out and it gets piled on to the benefit of Chelsea after every match. It never looks like an even match-up at all.

Arsenal gets mentally defeated going into matches against the top two sides in the Premier League for the last few years now. Though Chelsea have been in very bad form if you compare it with the way they started the season, it is these kind of matches which bring them back from the brink. Arsenal need to bounce back with a win if they want to show to the rest of the league that they are serious contenders this year.

Diaby likes Terry

Thankfully we have most of our players except Vermaelen back to fitness. So Wenger cannot complain on any injury crisis as well. Abou Diaby, Fabianski and Van Persie are all back knocking on the starting XI, Fabregas has regained his match fitness and hopefully his touch as well.



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