Qatar 2022: Is it for real???

The small Middle Eastern country beat the likes of Australia, US, Japan, Korea to host the 2022 FIFA World Cup. There are a lot of negatives in conducting the WC in this small country of a little more than a million people, mainly the weather in June which will be extremely hot. But then they had some very imaginative ideas on constructing stadiums and infrastructure to support the bid.

Here are some of them –

Fifa rules demand that World Cup matches be played under an open roof. Qatar’s answer to that is to create a three metre-high bank of cool air in which players can play and spectators can watch.

The source of the air-conditioning can be found in the swathe of desert adjacent to the stadium: a “solar farm”, where photovoltaic cells pour energy, year-round, into the national grid and where tubes of water are heated to 200 degrees Celsius, before their energy is alchemised into cooling vast freezer packs that sit under the stadium

It is offering to spend £25bn ($40bn) on a rail and metro system to transport fans around the peninsula. It is promising to dismantle its stadiums after the competition and transport them to poorer countries in the region.

Here is a pic of the Doha Port stadium which they intend to construct


Doha Port Stadium: An Artist’s impression

You can view more about the other stadiums here


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