A Clash with United

Going into the Monday night match, an average Gooner will have a thousand thoughts on what will happen at Old Trafford. Not all those thoughts are going to be highly positive or for that matter positive ones. Such has been the inconsistency of the team that personally I will be happy if we come back with a point from Manchester.

United is a difficult team to beat especially at their home and with our bad string of results in the red half of Manchester I will be highly sceptical of anyone who tells me we have a chance to win there. Ferguson started the mind games by again asking his fans to not chant the unwanted Wenger chants. Some people actually believe that it is more of a Ferguson reminder to his supporters than a way to ask them to shut up. Evra has furthered the cause by calling Arsenal a “Training Centre”, but nothing(no cups) to show as results. I hope we can win something and shut the traps of the likes of Evra.

We are not in a bad position as of now, sitting on top of the Premier League, qualified for the knock-out stages of the Champions League and in the Semi-finals of the Carling Cup. This is a good start for December. But we really need to see where we are come the end of January 2011. This is truly a crucial period for all the top clubs competing for the league. For Arsenal and Chelsea, 3 of their next 5 games are against top 4 sides!!! Here is a very positive prediction from Sam Wallace on how this period will turn out. Positive for Arsenal 🙂

Given our second spot finish in the CL pool, we could face one of the four opposition – Barcelona, Real Madrid, Schalke and Bayern Munich. Barcelona is a definite no-no for any of the teams, Real to some extent because Mourinho manages them. So that leaves the two German sides and I think we do have a chance with them, honestly we do and I would say if it is any of these two clubs, then we should be in the semis unless we screw up badly.

For the time being lets concentrate on the game in hand, come on you Gunners!!!


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