The new season…

Sorry readers I have been a bit busy with a lot of things at work and home and hence missed my blogs. For the first time in the history of the blog, a month (August 2010) a month has gone without a blog entry. All I can say is that I will try and be more regular. And it is not just the blogs that I have missed, I have missed the matches too. I have hardly seen 20 odd mins of the first match against the fools and then the highlights of the other two matches online.

The start has been good, one cannot complain where we are located on the table after 3 matches. Liverpool played well with 10 men and those 20 odd mins where we could not take advantage of the situation was really sad. I thought we had a few good chances but that was not our day. The next one saw us taking on the newcomers Blackpool with Theo putting on a performance which all of us have been craving for a long time. Hat-trick to him and six goals to Arsenal. That was some relief after the draw at Anfield.

Courtesy: The Guardian

Away to Blackburn is one of the most feared matches for the Gooners as we always see some physical play from the opposition and we invariably concede and either lose or draw the matches. But we took lead and then conceded and then won the match with an Arshavin goal.

Courtesy: The Guardian

That match has somewhat put things in perspective of where we are headed this season. Jack Wilshere and Rosicky have put in some stellar performances in the first 3 matches along with Walcott who has been the player we have all wanted to see.

The good news is followed by some bad news. Van the Man got injured yet again and this time its his ankle which will keep him out for 4 weeks. That’s a long time but we hope to be able to cover up for him with our new signing Maroun Chamakh.

Courtesy: The Guardian

I thought Chamakh has been good to start with and will certainly improve as the season progresses. He will get enough and more support from the likes of Walcott and Arshavin not to mention our captain courageous Cesc Fabregas.

Chamakh- Courtesy: Sky Sports

Among the newcomers Laurent Koscielny  and Chamakh look good and will get more first team action. Arsene Wenger broke his own rule of not buying players aged 30 or above in going for  Sebastien Squillaci, a much needed defender with experience and some pluck. Lets hope he will be a good back up to Vermaelen and Koscielny. With Nasri and all to come back from injury we should have a very competitive squad for this season. The only concern is in the Goalkeeping department where Wenger has taken a risk.

More about the other teams in the league soon.


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