FIFA World Cup predictions

Let me start the first post on the 2010 World cup by making some bold predictions. I do have my soft corners for a couple of teams, namely Spain and Argentina. And I think one of the African teams will also make it to the semi finals this time. To be honest I have not even seen the team list of all the team, but based on some of my likes and dislikes, here goes my prediction.

Group A – France, Mexico, South Africa, Uruguay: Mexico, Uruguay

Group B – Argentina, Greece, Nigeria, South Korea: Argentina, Nigeria

Group C – Algeria, England, Slovenia, USA: England, Algeria

Group D – Australia, Germany, Ghana, Serbia: Germany, Ghana

Group E – Cameroon, Denmark, Netherlands, Japan: Netherlands, Japan

Group F – Italy, New Zealand, Paraguay, Slovakia: Italy, Paraguay

Group G – Brazil, Ivory Coast, North Korea, Portugal: Brazil, Ivory Coast

Group H – Chile, Honduras, Spain, Switzerland: Spain, Chile

Last 16

KO 1: Mexico vs Nigeria – Nigeria

KO 4: Argentina vs Uruguay – Argentina

KO 3: Germany vs Algeria – Germany

KO 2: England vs Ghana – Ghana

KO 5: Netherlands vs Paraguay – Netherlands

KO 7: Italy vs Japan – Italy

KO 6: Brazil vs Chile – Chile

KO 8: Spain vs Ivory Coast – Spain


QF 1: Netherlands vs Chile – Netherlands

QF 2: Nigeria vs Ghana – Ghana

QF 3: Germany vs Argentina – Argentina

QF 4: Italy vs Spain – Spain


SF 1: Netherlands vs Ghana – Netherlands

SF 2: Argentina vs Spain – Argentina


Argentina vs Netherlands – Argentina

So Argentina will win by my predictions and I hope it comes true.



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4 responses to “FIFA World Cup predictions

  1. very very logical conclusion 😀
    i liked it!

  2. freekicker

    hehe…who are you supporting?
    We are planning to write on the WC in MTJAG

  3. kyle

    Brazil will win… if you have an iphone i dare u to submit your world cup predictions to Best Predictor app. My username it’s kvader.

  4. whitsport

    I also like the Dutch in this years Cup, but Brazil may pose a huge problem in the quarterfinals. Algeria will need a miracle to get out of group.

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