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FIFA World Cup predictions

Let me start the first post on the 2010 World cup by making some bold predictions. I do have my soft corners for a couple of teams, namely Spain and Argentina. And I think one of the African teams will also make it to the semi finals this time. To be honest I have not even seen the team list of all the team, but based on some of my likes and dislikes, here goes my prediction.

Group A – France, Mexico, South Africa, Uruguay: Mexico, Uruguay

Group B – Argentina, Greece, Nigeria, South Korea: Argentina, Nigeria

Group C – Algeria, England, Slovenia, USA: England, Algeria

Group D – Australia, Germany, Ghana, Serbia: Germany, Ghana

Group E – Cameroon, Denmark, Netherlands, Japan: Netherlands, Japan

Group F – Italy, New Zealand, Paraguay, Slovakia: Italy, Paraguay

Group G – Brazil, Ivory Coast, North Korea, Portugal: Brazil, Ivory Coast

Group H – Chile, Honduras, Spain, Switzerland: Spain, Chile

Last 16

KO 1: Mexico vs Nigeria – Nigeria

KO 4: Argentina vs Uruguay – Argentina

KO 3: Germany vs Algeria – Germany

KO 2: England vs Ghana – Ghana

KO 5: Netherlands vs Paraguay – Netherlands

KO 7: Italy vs Japan – Italy

KO 6: Brazil vs Chile – Chile

KO 8: Spain vs Ivory Coast – Spain


QF 1: Netherlands vs Chile – Netherlands

QF 2: Nigeria vs Ghana – Ghana

QF 3: Germany vs Argentina – Argentina

QF 4: Italy vs Spain – Spain


SF 1: Netherlands vs Ghana – Netherlands

SF 2: Argentina vs Spain – Argentina


Argentina vs Netherlands – Argentina

So Argentina will win by my predictions and I hope it comes true.



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Chelsea do the “Double”

I would have never wanted to write a blog like this at the start of the season, that Chelsea will win the Premier League and that too scoring more than 100+ goals. But when you look at the whole season, they were more consistent than the other teams, especially Manchester United. They survived the African Nations Cup, injury to Essien and a very bad phase for Peter Cech. Ancelloti kept his cool and he made the combination of Anelka and Drogba work. Full credit to the Italian for making this Chelsea team a non-boring side. And to top it they did the double by winning the FA cup, for the first time in my lifetime. (I don’ t know if they have done the double before)

Chelsea beat their nearest rivals Manchester United and Arsenal in both the legs, Liverpool were also humbled over both the legs. Drogba was the top scorer of the league and I like the guy for his strength and power upfront. Lampard scored the most number of goals he has ever scored in his career in a single season, but we have to discount him for all the peanlties that he takes. Malouda was a revelation as the season progressed, Joe Cole showed glimpses of his talent whenever he played. Wish he could be more consistent.

United finished second, a very close second. But they did give Chelsea a run for their money. Without Ronaldo they still pumped in the goals. But definitely not from Berbatov but from silly own goals from the opposition team which was the top scorer after Rooney. Darren Fletcher showed why he is such a good player by showing up at crucial matches with goals to boot. Evra had a fine season and so did Valencia who should not be compared with Ronaldo,but was still a steal for AF. Rooney was the star that shone the brightest for Utd, and the English fans will hope that he stays that way for the world cup as well. Rooney would love to have seasons like this year after year.

Arsenal had a season which was spread across with injuries to key players at crucial times and I do not remember a single match where we had the full strength squad fit. The goalies were the weak links and the back up defence of injured Djourou and over-aged Silvestre were found wanting, till our old war horse Campbell came in. But too little too late I would say. Van Persie topped the scoring charts in the initial part of the season and then got injured, to be rushed back and then fell injured again. Fabregas was at his best till he too got injured. We missed Arshavin in between, and Bendtner was out for long period. Song missed a few matches and so did Clichy. Overall I would say, given what the situation was we did well to cope with it but we do sincerely hope that Wenger does some serious buying during the summer.

Spurs qualified to play the play-offs for the Champions League and I have to say that they did play some wonderful football with goals galore. Manchester City did well to overtake Liverpool and Aston Villa. Liverpool were pathetic.

So I am getting all set for the world cup and will be more regular with my posts. I got caught up with my new jobm, relocation etc etc. So now I am based out of the nation’s capital and happily settled. So bring on the world cup guys!!!

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