Barcelona Preview

Today is  my birthday and I only have one small wish, an Arsenal victory…if it is too much, maybe a goalless draw. That is all I will want to wish because we are the underdogs tonight at the Emirates as we take on the might Catalans, who have form, flair and Messi in their ranks. We are a bit shaky after last weekend’s draw to Birmingham and the injury doubts of Fabregas and Gallas.

Having said that, midfield is what has functioned for Arsenal this season. Song, Diaby, Nasri and Arshavin all have contributed throughout the season. Bendtner might be able to keep the Barcelona defenders engaged, but I seriously hope our big match player, Arshavin steals a goal or Nasri dribbles past the defence and scores. I seriously think we would be able to match up with this Barcelona team in the midfield if we have Cesc playing today. But even without Fabregas I am quite confident about managing a 0-0 draw. It is the goalkeeping and the defence which is giving me the jitters.

I know that the whole world except the Gooners of the world, have predicted a 0-2 to Barcelona for this match. My head says, probably…but my heart says maybe not. A goalless draw is equally good for Arsenal as I think,we will score in Nou Camp next week. That is jumping too much into the future. Lets hope for the best of the team and support them from wherever we are watching this match.

The whole world wants to see how Messi will play against a team which plays similar to their style. If he will rip apart our full backs and centre backs. I do not believe too much in old players coming and haunting their past teams, so no comments on the Henry return to the Grove or Fabregas return to Nou Campp next week.

So all I can say is …go get them Gunners!



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2 responses to “Barcelona Preview

  1. 433

    I think they’re beatable. A 3-0 victory for the Arsenal would be a decent birthday present.

  2. freekicker

    3-0 will be a Bday present for a decade for me:)

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