Drogba’s finishing and a tight defence – Lessons for Arsenal

If there was anything that Arsenal has not been the whole season, it was clinical finishing and water tight defending. Both were on display at Stamford Bridge by the team in blue. They capitalised on the mistakes and finished off chances as they came by in the first half and for the rest of the match showed how to defend. Arsenal have had two consecutive defeats in the league, I think after a long time. The only positive I can see after the two defeats is that probably we have finished our quota of defeats for this year and can look forward to easier games ahead, maybe excluding the wednesday night clash against Liverpool.

Before the match started, I was of the opinion that if Arsenal scored first then we have a chance. The moment we conceded and the manner in which we did that, I was only praying that we do not lose confidence and concede a dozen odd goals. The team recovered from the goal and put some pressure on the Chelsea team, but we just kept passing the ball outside of the Chelsea box and could not make any shot at goal which would trouble Cech. And when we did, Arshavin hit it straight at Cech. No point in saying that, if that that goal had gone in, things would have been different and the match would have finished differently. The fact of the matter is that, it didn’t and Chelsea took advantage again.

The second goal was an example of how not to defend. Vermaelen and Clichy both left Drogba alone and it was a bit late when Clichy realised that he was the one who should go behind Drogba as Vermaelen went left to protect the box. Drogba doesn’t mess up such golden opportunities, especially in big matches like this. He is a different animal when it comes to high-profile matches. He is one hell of a gifted player, with the skills and strength. Defensively we haven’t learnt our lessons from last week.

Till Bendtner came in we were not even winning headers and I seriously do not understand the purpose of crossing from any flank when you know that the Russian who was playing as the centre-forward will not even be able to out-jump the Terry’s and Carvalho’s of the world. He has his limitations. I wonder what Wenger is planning to do. And some of the crosses were atrocious. I mean here is a left back and a right back who have played for hundreds of matches at the top level in Europe and they can’t cross. Seeing Bentley make some telling crosses in the Spurs game, made me think if we should have retained him. I know he is not a full back , but he crosses from wherever he is.

So now we play Liverpool who seem to be on the ascendancy, having collected 17 points from 21 available in the last 7 matches. This should be an interesting match as we know that we need to win this to be clinging on to that 3rd spot. A Liverpool victory will bring them very close to us and I am sure Wenger would not like that happening.



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2 responses to “Drogba’s finishing and a tight defence – Lessons for Arsenal

  1. bobbygee

    It all came down to four plays. Drogba was a killer. Arshavin had two really good chances. Both he missed. Yet this loss doesn’t kill our chances to win the title. It puts them on life support. There are 15 matches left in the season. http://bobbygee.wordpress.com/

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