Arsenal is 3rd best in the league…but we still love them

All Gooners of the world must have had one of their worst Sunday nights ever, seeing old foes United thumping 3 goals and dominating the Gunners as if there was no tomorrow. We played very badly and United team showed the desire and hunger to win and take all the three points. No one showed that attitude more than Wayne Rooney, especially the way he ran from close to the United box till the Arsenal one and finished a first time shot placing it past Almunia.

Arsenal never looked like coming back and threatening the United goal that convincingly. Arshavin missed a host of chances to score as well as pass to his teammates who were in better position. Clichy has not yet got to the best of his fitness, which shows in the way he has been dominated by opposition players. Denilson is another played who has come in for a lot of criticism. With Song performing the way he has been doing this year I wonder if we are seeing the demise of the Brazilian. Goal keeping has been an outstanding problem for some time. Maybe Wenger needs to buy a good established keeper to replace Almunia. And where is the forward who is going to get us the goals in Van Persie’s absence? Bendtner does not seem to control the ball well, what do we expect from him other than getting back to complete fitness and winning the aerial challenges. But is he going to lead this team from the front? Then we need to get our eyes checked.

Next up is Chelsea and it definitely is not a easy match with the blues not having a lost for a long long time at Stamford Bridge. Even if we by luck win against Chelsea and Liverpool, we won’t become favourites to win the league. Lets admit it we are only the 3rd best team in this league and yes there is still some way to go. I am really scared of our challenge in Champions League now. We might beat our next opponents but what after that. Wenger has taken a big risk by fielding a weak team in the FA cup and not buying the January transfer window. It needs to be seen how things pan out for the rest of the season.



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5 responses to “Arsenal is 3rd best in the league…but we still love them

  1. Johnson Ng

    I am a Manchester United fan, but I don’t dislike the other teams. I love watching good players.

    I like watching Arsenal play but there are some problems with their lineup that they really need to fix.
    Bendter is crap, I remember once he said he will be the next C.Ronaldo, but I don’t see sh*t in his game. He tries a few step overs here and there, but never really beat any defenders with that.. He is clumsy. IMO, Crouch is a better player than Bendter. (I am comparing them because of their height simularity).
    Walcott.. geez.. he is fast! He isn’t bad but his form is never consistent, unless he improves on his consistency, he can never be a starter.
    Denilson. I don’t think he is too bad but he needs more time to grow before he becomes even decent in a big4 standard. Similar to Anderson’s situation.

    and gosh. Arshavin wasted a **** load of chances, he could’ve just passed the ball and Manchester United would have been in trouble early in the game.

    If you guys really sell Febregas then you will be in big trouble next year…

  2. Thankfully i missed the match. I am sure, i couldnt have withstood that nightmare.

    Yes, i still do love the team and the manager and of course the club. Not that i am influenced by the garbage that myles palmer write on this ANR but, at time i have felt some areas are terribly lacking in our team.

    It has been ages since i have see we scoring a goal from a corner, it has been ages since i have seen a decent cross coming in to the opposition penalty box. Are we missing something? I feel, yes. we are. Our full backs who are supposed to overlap and cover the flanks are pathetic when it comes to crosses. I feel Steven Dias who plays for India can manage a better cross than Sagna or Clichy.

    I can write an essay about our game but, some flaws are too obvious and forthright and i am seriously baffled to see that our manager seems to be having a blind eye towards these fallacies.

    Beginning of the season, where our player resorted to high tempo pressing game, many of our players managed to get on the score sheet. off late, the urgency seems to have fizzled out and we tend to be very narrow and one dimensional when it comes to attack. Our right and left sided midfielders cut in and try to weave passes through crowded defence lines and it has not been happening. This is a pattern that has been repeated quite often and it is still being continued.

    Goal Keeper is a disaster, that’s it. Fabianski is also not reliable. I liked Mannone of the lot, heard the other Polish dude – scescehny what ever is also good.

    Chelsea’s draw with Hull shows that No one has a tight grip on the title yet. Man U and Chelsea have some more tougher ties coming up, they will drop points.

    Anyway, i am not pinning hopes. Let me keep myself grounded, even if other teams drop points, it would be a major task for this team to win the title now.

    The occasional darting runs in to the heart of opposition defence by our captain seems to be the only spark that we have in our game these days.

    I think, i will post this comment as blog post in my blog 🙂

    Sorry for a lengthy and winding comments.

  3. freekicker

    Hi Johnson,
    Bendtner is just a decent player and nothing more than that according to me, though Wenger rates him quite high as he decided to let Adebayor go and keep the Dane.
    Walcott is just a superfast train with no direction as of now. He just hits dead ends and loses possession. His learning curve seems to be going on and on…
    And ya the day Cesc decides to leave, we will be in trouble…serious trouble!!!
    So Johnson, do you blog by any chance?

    ya your comment is worth a blog post. You are absolutely right about our fullbacks man…long time since I have seen a good cross come in from either sides. And even mediocre teams in the league are spewing passes all over the box.
    The league is still open and maybe the next few months will provide a clearer picture on whether we will be able to pose any challenge to the duo of Chelsea and United.

  4. bobbygee

    Arsenal will beat Chelsea. We were worn out from a hard match against Villa. This was a killer. Nani set up those goals. There are 14 matches left. A lot can happen between now and then. Denilson can score and that’s about it.

  5. at his age Bendtner is a superb player. he is a lumbering giant who will score goals if our players can feed him with good crosses from the flanks. (Remember the stinker he scored with his head from a corner, after coming on a sub in a north london derby?)

    When it comes to one on one, he is quite pathetic. What else would you expect from a giant like him?

    I have a feeling that he will thrive better in leagues which are a tad slow than the English one.

    whatever his short comings are, he scored 15 goals last season and if stayed fit would have bettered that tally this time around. (my feeling!)

    I never had an opinion about Walcott and still doesnt.

    Denilson has produced some good displays, especially last season. He has been pathetic after that mysterious collapse he had in that Everton match.

    We are still in it, hope we start the Chelsea match with the same urgency as we used to when this league campaign started.

    How i miss, Van the man. Will he ever play a full season?

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