Arsenal vs Manchester United

Chelsea might be carrying on with their Premier League matches in a professional manner, but Ancelloti knows deep inside that he cannot afford to slip up because Manchester United and Arsenal are running them close to top the league. And it is this this encounter today happening in North London which will be watched closely by everyone associated with Chelsea Football Club. Arsenal vs United any year will be a standout fixture for the quality of play and attacking football as it seldom is a boring match.

Ever since Chelsea came into prominence this fixture has become not-so important in the title deciding scheme of things. But this year both clubs have a chance to topple Chelsea from where it is perched right now. Alex Ferguson and Wenger seem to have mellowed down over the years and both would like to put it across the other.

Arsenal is without Vermaelen and United without Rio Ferdinand. Overall United look like the stronger side with a composed and sturdy side with a striker in prime form, in Rooney. Arsenal will hope that its creative midfield and the individual brilliance of players like Cesc and Arshavin will give it the edge. This should be an absorbing encounter, can’t miss it!!!


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