Stern test for the Gunners

I know that 4 matches do not make a season, especially when it comes in January end, but the next 4 matches that Arsenal play in the Premier League will go a long way in making or breaking the confidence this team has. To me, as long as we do not lose any match or maybe lose just 1 match, we should be in a healthy position come February middle. Ideally I would not want to lose any of the next four matches or for that matter any more matches in the league.

The team seems to be recovering well in the health front with both Bendtner and Nasri getting into training. Probably this is the good news that awaits the team and will be the kick it needed to overcome Villa tonight. Last match we played in the league was probably one of the best matches we played in the whole season with Cesc showing that he can handle the physical part of the challenges. He played a key part in 2 goals and Rosicky showed why I rate him high in this team with a superb goal which hardly had any back lift.

I got a bit busy with a lot of things in life, both officially and personally. I got engagaged on Xmas eve and ya she loves the Gunners too 🙂



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2 responses to “Stern test for the Gunners

  1. jeff/433

    Incredible! A wife who digs the Arsenal would be amazing. Congratulations.

    I’m looking really closely at Eduardo right now because he’s shown that he can set up goals from that center forward spot. If he can step up and be a key player, and if we avoid injuries, then we should be looking to win all four of these matches, and go on to win the title.

    We’ve already lost to Chelsea, and Eduardo was nothing in that match. If we’re to be worthy title winners, why not win these matches?

  2. freekicker

    Hey Jeff,
    Thanks man!
    You spoke too soon about Dudu…look what you have done to him!!! just joking. When we have one fwd coming in(Bendtner), we have the other going out. I am more concerned abt Vermaelen. He was our solid man at the back. Campbell was quite steady but he has to be consistent. Sunday night should be quite interesting now.

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