Arsenal beaten fair and square

Before the match against Chelsea, Wenger boldly challenged his team to come out all guns blazing and said this is the moment when the Gunners should stand and be counted as title contenders. Sadly, that moment came and the team was left demoralised with a 0-3 verdict at home, bringing to an end a glorious run of victories at home. We were beaten fair and square whatever Wenger says about the referee disallowing the goal etc. We hardly had any shots on goal which troubled Cech.

There are of-course talking points, the biggest from an Arsenal stand-point would be why Song was substituted at half time? Wenger could have easily replaced Walcott with Denilson who was looking a bit shaky. And Song was having a wonderful match till that point.

Secondly, Ashley Cole made those two telling crosses which led to the two goals. How I wish Clichy could improve on this aspect. Clichy for all his speed and skill, lacks in getting those crosses in the right areas. How many times have we seen crosses going over the goal or going miles above the goal mouth.

And even if the crosses come in, who in this Arsenal team can rise above towering defences and head the ball into the goal. We do not have a forward who can come in place of Bendtner.

It is time to concede that with the current team that we have we should look at finishing in the top 3. Maybe a cup or two at the end of the season would be a bonus and Wenger will buy in January.


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