AW – 13 years and counting…may beautiful football reign


In a world where results and trophies count for success, Arsene Wenger is probably the odd man out. He believes in a style of play and believes more in a way of raising a team that will play that style of play. He doesn’t believe in a club where money can buy success and in that he has been at the right club. Maybe it is fate that made believe in a shoe-string budget when buying players and building a team from the ranks and building a youth team.

Even now,despite the lows in Manchester, this team has won more applauses than other Premier League teams. Wenger’s team generally possess a great technique, wonderful passing skills where they build triangles around opposition players and keep moving forward, which makes the spectator sit at the edge of the seat when Arsenal is on the attack. Probably the only other teams I would love to pay and watch are Barcelona and Argentina. Ok if given a chance I would even watch a championship side!!!

In the last 3-4 years, this team has been playing well in the Champions League and not doing all that great in the League. It is somewhere there and in my opinion if Wenger manages to retain this team which has a nice camaraderie among them, this team will get both the trophies very soon. In Arshavin they have a player who is probably the best thing to have happened to Arsenal in the last 3-4 years. With Cesc in the middle and Arshavin ahead of him, this team will certainly go places under the guidance of Wenger. Wenger has bred a lot of superstars in the world stage under him in this club and I don’t want to even get there now.

To me more than winning all the doubles and the other trophies, the major stand-out point has been the unbeaten run. That was something…absolutely mindblowing. And lets all hope we win the Champions League in the near future as well.


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