Man City beat Arsenal after Ade disgrace

Man City deservedly beat Arsenal last nite 4-2, with a classy performance. The scoreline is no indication of the difference in quality, but shows how badly Arsenal can lose matches when they do not concentrate on the match and don’t defend together. The result ensures that Man City continue on their unbeaten run this season along with Chelsea. Arsenal two consecutive losses doesn’t mean that we are in bad shape as does our first two emphatic victories suggest that we are in top form this season.

Arsenal dominated possession and not any finishing in the first 20 minutes. The point that having possession without any goal is of no use was proved to us by City when a goalkeeping lapse or slow movement by Almunia put City in the front. Almunia has been making such costly mistakes in the last two matches and needs to be pulled up for this. The goal did not have much effect on the Gunners as we were again let down by lot of possession and slicky passing without any end product.

Song’s yellow card meant that Wenger had to substitute him to bring in some action in the second half. Rosicky’s introduction meant a fresh lease of creativity for the team,after Cesc was having a pretty bad game. Denilson and Song who had combined well for the first few matches but they were not getting the job done this time. Diaby and Clichy were not contributing their part and there was too much pressure on the team in every counter-attack.

Arsenal equalised and Man City got a goal back as well as 2 more in a space of ten fifteen minutes. Rosicky scored the second goal and then there was a period of ten odd minutes where the team could have scored a few more and equalised. But it was not meant to be and we lost, in a really bad manner.

About Ade, I was not his biggest fan, but used to like him for producing some wonderful goals and putting in the leg work in a some matches for us. He was mature enough to handle the fans as the fans were mature enough to handle his frequest flirting with other clubs. But what he did to Van Persie deserves atleast a 3 match ban and fine and what he did to the Arsenal fans after his goal is unpardonable. You are not just ignoring your fans after scoring a goal, but also insulting them by showing how much you have against the Arsenal supporters than for Man City supporters. With this incident he might have even lost the respect of some neutral Arsenal supporters. Lets stop it here and see what the FA will do now.

And the gooners could have thrown stuff into the ground, but not at stewards who were doing their jobs. You do not have any right to injure a person, who was there doing his duty. Whoever he is, I think he deserves an apology from all us Gooners. Sorry bro.


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