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Kaka moves to Madrid

Brazilian playmaker and AC Milan’s star player announced to the world that he has decided to ply his trade in the whites of Real Madrid from next season. He is the first of the new galactico signed by Real this year. In an offer that Milan, who is supposedly affected by the ongoing financial recession according to Kaka, valued at €65m for a six-year deal, Kaka made his move.


But he seems to be doing it out of gratitude to Milan than by compulsion to move. In his own words 

Everything I’ve always done for Milan has been by mutual agreement, from the moment I arrived until my departure today. I’m leaving by the front door

And Milan in a statement said

His loss on the field, though serious, can be filled. It will, however, be very difficult to fill the void left by Kaka the man

Lets hope Kaka does well in Madrid and Milan get over the crisis with this money and gain success in Italy. Both the club and the player are liked by many including me.

Here is a good take on the deal by Tim Vickery in BBC


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