Chelsea beat us fair and square and next years CL entry

I do not think we can complain about the 4-1 loss to Chelsea at home…our biggest loss this season and that too coming after 20 unbeaten games in the premier league. We had our chances and Walcott missed a number of them after creating them and Diaby made the wrong choice by going for a shot which he could have left for Fabregas(given our finishing and luck, maybe he would also have not finished it). Well we had our chances and we didn’t convert, Chelsea did that was the difference.

No point in complaining but I thought Silvestre was partially responsible in letting in the first two goals. Wenger could have probably got a younger, fitter and energetic player than him I am sure. He has a sweet tooth for the French players, it might not work all the time. Atleast not on Silvestre. The goal that he conceded in that ill-fated FA cup semi comes to mind. Agreed, that Fabianski came out too early but Silvestre gave up on the chase mich before that. Please sell him.

I would like to make a separate post on how we can improve the squad but I would definetely like to see a experienced goalie and centre-back in the team, next season. Somehow I have a feeling that our midfield and forward line look decent.

The Guardian has a good report on the implications of the fourth place finish. Here is an exercpt from the article

Uefa has introduced play-offs, which will run alongside the old qualification rounds and contain the teams from the higher-profile leagues.

The fourth-placed Premier League team will enter the final play-off round, together with the fourth-placed finishers from Italy and Spain and the third-placed finishers from Germany and France. These teams will be joined by the ­winners of ties between the ­runners-up from Portugal, Holland, ­Scotland, Turkey, Ukraine, Belgium, Greece, Czech Republic and Romania, plus the third-placed team from Russia.

The 10 teams will then be divided into five seeds and five non-seeds, based on their Uefa club co­efficient, and drawn seeds against non-seeds, with the winners of the two-legged ties advancing to the group stage.

Arsenal are certain to be seeded, given their consistent level of achievement in Europe, but the danger would lie in them drawing an emerging team who, because of a lack of a recent track record, are not afforded seeded status. Italy’s current fourth-placed team, Fiorentina, fit that profile, as do Germany’s third-placed team, Hertha Berlin. Even Valencia, ­currently fourth in Spain, would not be guaranteed to be seeded. Nor might ­Arsenal relish being drawn against Sporting ­Lisbon, Shakhtar Donetsk or Celtic, all second in their leagues at present.


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