Arsenal beat Newcastle

In a weekend where the top two teams in the league lost points,Arsenal made good with 3 goals and 3 points against Newcastle. Goals came from Bendtner,Diaby and Nasri with Martins scoring one in the first half 45 seconds from the Bendtner goal after seeing his penalty saved by Almunia.

Arsenal seem to be peaking with the number of chances they are creating and the goals getting converted. Gallas made one mistake which cost us a goal but otherwise it was a steady performance from our back four. The team started with nasri, Arshavin, Denilson and Diaby in the middle with Persie behind Bendtner upahead. The attack minded style should have produced couple of goals in the first half through Van Persie if not for Steven Taylor and Harper in the goal.

Bendtner scored from the first chance that came his way and I was surprised myself:) Diaby had a Viera moment, the style in which he scored the second goal after a 1-2 with Van Persie and the third one was a cool finish from Nasri after a pass from Persie. There was a good try from Arshavin from inside the box which was saved by Harper and then a scorcher of a long ranger from Arshavin grazed the crossbar and if that would have gone in it would have been a great great goal and it won’t be long before we see such a goal from our going-to-be-player-of-the-season Arshavin. That was his 3rd assist in the league and Van Persie heads the list for the entire league with 10 assists.



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4 responses to “Arsenal beat Newcastle

  1. Wasn’t a great performance to be honest, and we were lucky to win after allowing such an awful team fasr too many chances. Ok we got 3 goals in the end, but we should be demolishing these teams. toon are rubbish!

  2. Anonymous

    Afraid can’t agree with you. The team is on the way back to Aresenal attacking form. New Castle wasn’t that bad during the match.

  3. freekicker

    Newcastle had their chances and Martins was good and Steven Taylor and harper saved atleast 3-4 goals between themselves…but the ref should have flashed atleast a couple of cards one for the elbow on Arshavin and the second for the lunge on clichy…anyways nice to see the team coming back to roaring form 🙂

  4. alen derk

    they played crap that day

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