One for Clichy

It is not everyday that you get some stats and funda on one of my favourite players in the team – Clichy. It seems with 118 interceptions he intercepted the most number of passes in the premier league so far!!! Well done Clichy and keep it up. So many times you have seen him charging on the opposition player and stealing the ball or intercepting it.


And the number two in that list is Denilson (!!!) with 109 interceptions. Wow for him too.

Well done guys and lets keep the winning momentum going. Here is the complete article from Guardian



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3 responses to “One for Clichy

  1. When Ashley Cole was standing, appropriately, in the gutter outside a London nightclub, swearing at the nearest authority figures (Met blue not refereeing green this time), his successor as Arsenal’s left-back was fast asleep at home intoxicated by nothing more than a desire to be the model professional

    Clichy is a great player!

  2. Doesn’t surprise me at all.

    Completely agree with the above poster – Cole is/was a disgrace whereas Clichy will go really really far.

    Bet full back in the league bar none!!

  3. Akshay

    Clichy is one player who gives a 100% everytime he goes out onto the pitch
    He is really underrated, but a great, great player!!!!!

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