TV Rights for Premier League & Spuds preview

Arsenal travel to White Hart Lane on Sunday with a team that looks light on the midfield with Nasri, Denilson, Song and Eboue…My god if we cme back with a win with this team we should be blessed…Arshavin most probably won’t be playing and Keane will be playing in all probability. Lets hope we keep the record of beating the Spuds intact.

Premier League sold its TV rights recently for 1.78 Billion pounds in this time of recession. Here is a break up of the deal and how the TV rights have grown over the last cople of decades…

BSkyB (paid £1.623bn) won rights to:

Package A: 23 matches shown at 16:00 on Sundays

Package B: 23 matches shown at 13:30 on Sundays

Package C: Minimum of 12 matches at 20:00 on Monday, the rest either at 13:30 on Sunday or 17:15 on Saturday or other times

Package E: 23 matches shown at 1245 on Saturdays

Package F: Seven to 13 matches on midweek evenings/bank holidays, 10 to 16 at 12:45 on Saturday and 16:00 on Sundays

Setanta (paid £159m) won rights to: Package D: Minimum of 18 matches at 17:15 on Saturday, the rest either at 13:30 on Sunday, 20:00 on Monday or other times

Total 2010-13 income from live British rights: £1.782bn.

*Current deal (2007-2010): Sky won packages A, B, E and F for £1.314bn total, and Setanta won packages C and D for £392m combined, for a total of £1.706bn.

*The rise and rise of the Premier League: How TV rights values have increased

1992-1997: BSkyB, 60 games/season, £190m – deal value, £633,000/game

1997-2001: BSkyB, 60 games, £670m, £2.79m/game

2001-2004: BSkyB, 110 games, £1.2bn, £3.64m/game

2004-2007: BSkyB, 138 games, £1.024bn, £2.47m/game

2007-2010: BSkyB and Setanta, 138 games, £1.706bn, £4.12m/game

2010-2013: BSkyB/Setanta 138 games, £1.782bn, £4.3m/game

(courtesy- The Independent)


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