A Drab Goalless Draw

Arsenal had nothing new to offer and failed to break West Ham down and eventually paid the price with a solitary poitn from a home outing. This is Arsenal’s second goalless draw of the season. The previous one was the 0-0 at home against Fenerbache in the Champions League in early November.

We seriously lack creativity.It was after Vela came in that we saw some movement and a few crosses. Some of the crosses from the wingers were pathetic to say the least. And I believe that was the reason they were not even crossing when it came to some moves. And our dead ball delivery needs to improve a lot. Some of the freekicks and corners were apalling. I wonder if Wenger is doing something about it.

Well maybe Arshavin is the key that is needed to unlock the opposition defence, but where is he? We need some fresh ideas and maybe some fresh faces. It was a good chance to reduce the lead against Aston Villa or even Liverpool and Chelsea if they draw today that is.


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One response to “A Drab Goalless Draw

  1. jeff/433

    Denilson’s passing was the worst. He has the chance to play for the ARSENAL, and he’s blowing it.

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