Hull Culled

In the end it was 3 points and 3 goals (seems like a long time since we scored more than a goal in a match). Sweet revenge for the defeat at Emirates which was a shocker at that time. HUll almost came back and gave some nervous moments before Nasri and Bendtner scored no. 2 and 3.

Van Persie was instrumental in all the three goals as he is proving to be a very important cog in the wheel in most of the Arsenal victories this season. First one was perfect corner which was nodded in by Adebayor. Second one was a great assist from Persie which sent Nasri clear on the left which was slotted in nicely. The third one came from the right side of the field in a nice one two with Bendtner putting in the 3rd one towards the end of the match.

But Cousin who scored the winner at Emirates, again equalised in the first half to make the match closer than it actually was till Nasri scored. Clichy is to be blamed for not closing in on the player before he crossed to Cousin. Today we were not punished for that mistake.

In other matches, our prime rival Aston Villa came from behind to win against Sunderland. Man United showed their edge when they scored the only goal of the match and maybe in the most climatic finish Chelsea came back from behind to beat Stoke byb two goals to one. Well lets hope there will be a fe weekends before the other 4 drop points and we win!


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