Bad match, good 3 points

It was 3 points in the end, thanks to a late goal from Bendtner. But there was no entertainment value for any spectator from this match as Arsenal tried really really hard to break down Bolton.We have reached a stage where we are happy with three points and not in the way we got it.

Van Persie missed a chance when his shot went past the crossbar.And Adebayor screwed up the most easy chance when he took a lot more time than he should have and easily got his shot covered. Special mention needs to be given to NAsri for a pass which was as good as any of the best ones given by Fabregas. Vela did create some openings but there was a bit of creativity missing in this team. With every performance I am getting convinced that Diaby is not all that great a player as he is made out to be. Bendtner came in and was the saviour with a well taken finish. Van Persie’s measured cross was well met with a diving Bendtner who did enough to push it towards goal. Lets hope that over this week we will hear some transfer news.

But the match of the weekend was at Old Trafford where Manchester United demolished Chelsea. That was a high tension match.


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One response to “Bad match, good 3 points

  1. Thanks; I enjoyed your write-up.

    After having a few days to let the Arsenal match sink in, I am starting to think that the phrase “he is young” does apply to those young guns in the Arsenal first team. I am thinking about Bendtner, Diaby, Denilson, and Song. One match, they will play great and then they disappear for a while, unable to maintain focus or just play badly. That’s the symptom of immaturity. Bendtner usually plays well when he comes on as a sub but he can’t stay in the game for a whole match if he starts. You can say I am becoming one of those who are happy just to get 3 points regardless of how those points come.

    The MU Chelsea match was a high tension match ,indeed. But I feel that Chelsea was overrun in the midfield. Mikel simply vanished; and Lampard, Ballacks and Deco didn’t play much defense, allowing Fletcher and Giggs to dominate the entire middle section of the park.

    The movement of the MU forwards is fantastic. Ji-sung Park was everywhere. His runs, and those of Berbatov and Rooney, between the Chelsea’s back line and midfield sowed constant confusion and created lots of space. Contrast that to what Arsenal did against Bolton and it’s easy to see that the Arsenal team has a lot of growing up to do.

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