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Stats on Goals in last 10 mins

CourtesyArsenal Online

Number of goals scored in the last 10 minutes (Premier League only)

Team Total Goals Goals in last 10 minutes
Arsenal 37 11
Everton 30 9
Aston Villa 37 8
Blackburn Rovers 25 8
Liverpool 36 8
Manchester City 39 8
Manchester United 34 8
Hull City 29 7
Newcastle United 28 7
Sunderland 23 7
Tottenham Hotspur 21 7
Middlesbrough 18 6
Stoke City 19 5
West Bromwich Albion 20 5
Wigan Athletic 25 5
Bolton Wanderers 22 4
Chelsea 42 4
West Ham United 29 4
Portsmouth 22 3
Fulham 19 2
Points won with goals scored in the last 10 minutes (Premier League only)
Team Total Points Points gained in last 10 minutes
Everton 36 10
Liverpool 47 9
Arsenal 41 7
Aston Villa 44 7
Middlesbrough 21 7
Wigan Athletic 31 7
Blackburn Rovers 21 6
Manchester United 47 6
Hull City 27 6
Sunderland 23 6
West Bromwich Albion 21 6
Stoke City 21 5
Chelsea 45 4
Portsmouth 24 4
Newcastle United 23 3
Tottenham Hotspur 21 3
Manchester City 25 2
West Ham United 29 2
Fulham 26 2
Bolton Wanderers 23 0

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Sanity prevails in Football

Kaka decided to stay put in Milan declining a personal offer of a multi-million personal package from Man City…and to some extent AC Milan redeemed itself by not bowing to money.


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Hull Culled

In the end it was 3 points and 3 goals (seems like a long time since we scored more than a goal in a match). Sweet revenge for the defeat at Emirates which was a shocker at that time. HUll almost came back and gave some nervous moments before Nasri and Bendtner scored no. 2 and 3.

Van Persie was instrumental in all the three goals as he is proving to be a very important cog in the wheel in most of the Arsenal victories this season. First one was perfect corner which was nodded in by Adebayor. Second one was a great assist from Persie which sent Nasri clear on the left which was slotted in nicely. The third one came from the right side of the field in a nice one two with Bendtner putting in the 3rd one towards the end of the match.

But Cousin who scored the winner at Emirates, again equalised in the first half to make the match closer than it actually was till Nasri scored. Clichy is to be blamed for not closing in on the player before he crossed to Cousin. Today we were not punished for that mistake.

In other matches, our prime rival Aston Villa came from behind to win against Sunderland. Man United showed their edge when they scored the only goal of the match and maybe in the most climatic finish Chelsea came back from behind to beat Stoke byb two goals to one. Well lets hope there will be a fe weekends before the other 4 drop points and we win!

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Bad match, good 3 points

It was 3 points in the end, thanks to a late goal from Bendtner. But there was no entertainment value for any spectator from this match as Arsenal tried really really hard to break down Bolton.We have reached a stage where we are happy with three points and not in the way we got it.

Van Persie missed a chance when his shot went past the crossbar.And Adebayor screwed up the most easy chance when he took a lot more time than he should have and easily got his shot covered. Special mention needs to be given to NAsri for a pass which was as good as any of the best ones given by Fabregas. Vela did create some openings but there was a bit of creativity missing in this team. With every performance I am getting convinced that Diaby is not all that great a player as he is made out to be. Bendtner came in and was the saviour with a well taken finish. Van Persie’s measured cross was well met with a diving Bendtner who did enough to push it towards goal. Lets hope that over this week we will hear some transfer news.

But the match of the weekend was at Old Trafford where Manchester United demolished Chelsea. That was a high tension match.

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Eduardo “fit” again

Let me start the new year with some good news – Eduardo our man who promised a lot before he got injured played 45 minutes in training…but it might be sometime before he is back playing in the premier league. This was disclosed by Arsene Wenger in Arsenal TV today.

Get back to your scoring form Eduardo…we need some inspiration in the second half of the league.

In other news, Arshavin has been quite seriously rumoured to join Arsenal. It might be a decent fit but I still feel that we need a defensive midfielder.

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