Wenger needs to improve the squad for a top 4 finish

What a see-saw match…First I thought we were not getting any points in this match. Then we scored two and I thought maybe we are lucky enough for 3 points with this team and then it was finally 2 points lost…the way we defended, probably it was one point gained. It was awful defending which cost us in the end.

To me Song, Denilson and Diaby are second grade players to be in this team. I know some of you might not agree with me as one of two of them scored the goals for us…but that doesnt mean that they are good enough to be in the Arsenal team. Denilson might get the benefit of doubt, but there is no doubt about the lazy and laidback Diaby and Song. Diaby tries a lot of flicks and clever passes throughout the match and I wonder how many times he has given the ball away to opposition. It gets frustrating sometimes watching him play.

And in Silvestre and Gallas we have two good players who have lost the edge. Gallas is slow for the Premier league and the penalty conceded was unpardonable. So I hope Wenger does something to rectify this…And Toure is not at his best. Probably Djourou is our best bet for central defence!!!

I do not have much more to write about the match but I have to mention about Sagna…He was the most outstanding player in an Arsenal jersey last night. He was solid at the back. And I don’t have words to describe that over head kick to make that save!!!



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2 responses to “Wenger needs to improve the squad for a top 4 finish

  1. 433

    I have a soft spot for Toure. I like having him in the side.

    Denilson, I think, is a reasonable player. Diaby and Song are experiments that aren’t going very well.

    I’m a bit depressed about Arsenal right now, but I still feel a bit of optimism, at least to finish in the top 4.

    I have a hunch that Arsenal might bring in some new players in the transfer window. That could be a massive boost.

  2. Securing a position in the top 4 is the serious priority this season.

    Denilson is fast improving and will be a good player in the near future. Song also have the potential to be a good player but there needs to be some serious tweaking in his attitude and the way in which he approaches each game. As a holding midfielder he never dictates the tempo of the matches and i think this seriously make our engine room- “the midfield” in a slumber always and eventually without any supply to the forward line and never plucking out the opposition moves.

    Diaby has flare and can produce moments of brilliance, his final ball is still dismal but a run of few games might turn around things for him. I can only be this optimistic about him and i do agree with you when you say that he is not good enough to have a place in the team.

    We need some serious reinforcements in the coming transfer window. A flamini/Diarra type holding player who can dictate the tempo of the match and take it on to the opposition and a defender who is tall ,stocky and who can stick it up.

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