Arsenal survive & a thought-provoking article

Arsenal held on to some 20 odd nervous minutes in the end to take all three points at home against Wigan. Adebayor’s first half goal was all that they had to show at the end of 90 minutes. Van Persie missed quite a few chances and if his hooting was a bit more sharp all those penetrative passing from Fabregas would have resulted in assists to goals. Denilson had a couple of chances too and it was nice to see that he was taking his chances.

It was unfortunate to see Eboue being booed off the ground. It was unwanted and I hope the fans are better behaved. It is true that he is a player that most fans do not like but I think we should stick by our players. He did some really gross mistakes and Wenger thought it safe to sub him instead of playing him for the last 5 minutes as Wigan were on the offensive and smelt an equaliser. Silvestre and Song were also showing some signs of weakness towards the end of the match. But for me it was Cesc who shone throughout the match and he is getting his groove back.


Here is a thought-provoking article from The Independent on the debt doom of the clubs in the Premier league. A good read.


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