Lucky Arsenal beat Chelsea

Before the match started any Gooner would have told you that one point from this game is more than enough, especially when the team is going to Stamford Bridge on the back of 2 defeats. So when with a bit of luck the team beat Chelsea convincingly in the end, every fan would be relishing in it. It’s really different when Arsenal win. You go to sleep feeling nice, and you wake up the next morning feeling even better, especially after you beat one of the strong, title-contenders.

Chelsea applied pressure from the first half and deservingly went ahead by an error from Djourou, which resulted in an own goal. And when Chelsea went into the break leading by a goal, Martin Tyler made a telling statement, Chelsea has not conceded a goal in the second half of any premier league match this season. Well, whatever confidence a Gooner would have had, got drained there itself.

I should say that the way we played was not upto our usual standard. Denilson and Song to some extent were below par and I dont know how many times we ended up giving wrong passes. It was only in the 60th minute when luck turned in Arsenal’s favour. Van Persie who was clearly offside banged a shot into the right corner using his wrong foot. In another three minutes, Fabregas’s freekick was headed down by Adebayor and Van persie turned and swirled a shot past a diving Cech. Anelka and Kalou proved to everyone that they are not exactly the best strikers that a rich club like Chelsea can afford. It was as if the youngsters were teaching the oldies at Stamford Bridge a lesson.


Gallas returned to his old ground amidst a lot of jeers from the crowd throughout the match, but he would have been one of the many who would have left the stadium happier.

“William was outstanding today,” Wenger said. “Absolutely amazing. He came out of that period with a lot of credit and his commitment is fantastic. He was outstanding today, just as he was against Dynamo Kiev. He shows he is a real fighter. Instead of giving up, he’s a fighter.”

“There’s no problem at all,” Van Persie said. “He’s a respected colleague and a very good player. It’s not my day, it’s our day.”

 So it is Wigan next saturday and if we can keep the winning run under the new Captain, it would do the chances of this team a whole lot good. Liverpool come to Emirates on December 20th and I would love to see how this team responds to the current League leaders. Till then…



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4 responses to “Lucky Arsenal beat Chelsea

  1. 433

    We didn’t have Martin Tyler for commentary in the US. We had Steve Banyard and someone else, but they made that same comment a couple times.

    That was a good game. Getting that first goal was lucky, although the finish was great. Up to that point, I thought Arsenal had been pretty average, but they were better after the first goal, and that 2nd goal was really nice.

  2. Chelsea definitely had some problems. They hardly got shots on target, Anelka is a dud when it comes to quality opposition,Drogba is flirting with Inter…

    Gunners went there with a positive “come what may” attitude and got a win through open play, where Chelsea failed to create chances and their stars in the midfield Lampard and Deco turned mere spectators.

  3. freekicker

    433 – I know these commentators like to drive down the point that Arsenal are no good this season,especially to recover from 1 goal down at Stamford Bridge. The ESPN guys were also the same.

    Clash – Ya I was disappointed to see Deco look completely lost. I like that guy, but only when he is playing against other teams 🙂

  4. 433

    I’m glad Joe Cole wasn’t playing. I’m a huge fan of the French National Team, so I support the French players, and follow their progress; when Malouda came on, I breathed a sigh of relief. His attacking game seems woefully blunt to me. I liked him when he first broke into Lyon, back when I still watched the French league more often. Back then he played left back sometimes, and he looked really dangerous, but since soon after he became a starter for France, I think he’s been poor.

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