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Happy New Year 2009

Here is wishing all my readers a Happy And Prosperous New Year.

May the Gunners have a successful 2nd half and may they achieve glory in Europe and a top finish in the league.

The transfer window starts tomorrow and I would love to see Wenger make some value additions to the squad. Eduardo is the only player who seems to be coming back from a long term injury. Rosicky and Walcott are going to be off for a while while Fabregas will most probably be back by March end. And if news in some of the Engligh media is to be believed, then Arteta seems to be in Wenger’s radar. If this is true, I would welcome him into the squad. I like that guy, he is compact, strong, takes set-pieces and is creative. Hope this happens.

Take care wherever you are.


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Half Term report from Sky…

A half term report on Arsenal from Sky Sports

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Wenger needs to improve the squad for a top 4 finish

What a see-saw match…First I thought we were not getting any points in this match. Then we scored two and I thought maybe we are lucky enough for 3 points with this team and then it was finally 2 points lost…the way we defended, probably it was one point gained. It was awful defending which cost us in the end.

To me Song, Denilson and Diaby are second grade players to be in this team. I know some of you might not agree with me as one of two of them scored the goals for us…but that doesnt mean that they are good enough to be in the Arsenal team. Denilson might get the benefit of doubt, but there is no doubt about the lazy and laidback Diaby and Song. Diaby tries a lot of flicks and clever passes throughout the match and I wonder how many times he has given the ball away to opposition. It gets frustrating sometimes watching him play.

And in Silvestre and Gallas we have two good players who have lost the edge. Gallas is slow for the Premier league and the penalty conceded was unpardonable. So I hope Wenger does something to rectify this…And Toure is not at his best. Probably Djourou is our best bet for central defence!!!

I do not have much more to write about the match but I have to mention about Sagna…He was the most outstanding player in an Arsenal jersey last night. He was solid at the back. And I don’t have words to describe that over head kick to make that save!!!


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Cesc Injury and Villa preview

Just when you thought the team has held on to it’s ground(be it at whichever level)by beating Man Utd, Chelse and then drawing against Liverpool, comes the news of Fabregas’s possible absence for a period of 4 months!!! That means he will be available in end April 2009.

I just checked our schedule and at most he wil get to play the last 4-5 matches and for your information the third last and the second last match of the season is against Chelsea(at home) and Manchester United (away) respectively. But if ever we thought we had a slender hope of getting anywhere near 2nd or 3rd or even 1st place for that matter, it has just been brushed away by Alonso’s powerful foot. Aston Villa will be the most happiest team this weekend as they know that a win or even a draw will be good enough for them to lay claims to breaching the top 4 in the league.

But where do we go from here. Certainly a Diaby-Song-Denilson combination in the midfield will do us no good. I think except for Wenger everyone else thinks that way. So do not be surprised if Wenger fields these 3 along with Nasri in the midfield. I would love to see someone like Ramsey get a chance. Atleast it would mean some fresh ideas and possible a breakthrough.The biggest question is going to be whether Wenger will buy in the January transfer window(which he has not done for a long long time) to compensate for Fabregas’s absence. I guess only Arsene knows the answer to this question.

So when we go visiting Villa this Friday, we definetely have a match of high pressure. We need to win this one to show some steel in the team ranks. We have to show that we can get 3 points without Cesc and Adebayor. Villa is really looking good and I admire that team when they are not playing us. Ashley Young is actually the kind of player who will fit into our team and will be able to contribute. Anyways, we need three points, for being in the top four and not to compete for the league. If that happens, its well and good. So all the best to the Gunners.

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Another draw and a Steven Gerrard rescue act

Bad bad draw. When you look at how the other results have gone, Liverpool and United both drawing their games, two more points would have taken them closer to the league leaders.And the result at Villa Park means that Arsenal are pushed down to 5th in the league table.

The riverside stadium has been an unlucky ground for Arsenal for some time now and when Adebayor’s scored in the first half I thought luck was changing. There was pressure on both ends and I would not say that we were the better side. Infact we were lucky that we didnt concede a penalty with Clichy being the culprit. Clichy has been having some lapse in concentration in a couple of matches now. Title hopes seem to be fading with every loss in points be it three or two.

The match of the day was the one in Anfield where Hull City the team with the biggest heart and fighting spirit I have seen in recent times went ahead by two goals. And whenever Liverpool have a crisis they have Capt. Marvel who will come to the rescue. On how many occasions have we seen Stevie G come to front and score those vital goals. He leads by example and is an asset any team would like to have. We have to give him credit for a stellar performance which eventually restored parity.


What Arsenal need is a player like Steven Gerrard.


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Cesc Fabregas interview

A nice interview with Cesc in Times

 Who’s the lucky lady?

She’s Spanish. I met her three weeks after I arrived in England. We celebrated our five-year anniversary three weeks ago.

Pretty good week for you, then!

Yes! The day of our anniversary was the day that my boss told me I would be captain.

And all the best to the team for the Boro game

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Arsenal survive & a thought-provoking article

Arsenal held on to some 20 odd nervous minutes in the end to take all three points at home against Wigan. Adebayor’s first half goal was all that they had to show at the end of 90 minutes. Van Persie missed quite a few chances and if his hooting was a bit more sharp all those penetrative passing from Fabregas would have resulted in assists to goals. Denilson had a couple of chances too and it was nice to see that he was taking his chances.

It was unfortunate to see Eboue being booed off the ground. It was unwanted and I hope the fans are better behaved. It is true that he is a player that most fans do not like but I think we should stick by our players. He did some really gross mistakes and Wenger thought it safe to sub him instead of playing him for the last 5 minutes as Wigan were on the offensive and smelt an equaliser. Silvestre and Song were also showing some signs of weakness towards the end of the match. But for me it was Cesc who shone throughout the match and he is getting his groove back.


Here is a thought-provoking article from The Independent on the debt doom of the clubs in the Premier league. A good read.

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