What next for Arsenal?

So in 11 matches this season Arsenal has equalled the no. of loses in the whole of last season…three…against Fulham, Hull City and now Stoke City…three teams who we would have thought are sure shot 3 points…and we haven’t even played the other 3 big ones, not to mention the likes of Man City and Aston Villa. It looks very challenging at this stage with the team we have now.

Wenger got the team sheet wrong and had to make all three substitutions in desperation and paid the price by

a) losing the match

b) Seeing off Walcott carried off on a stretcher and

c) seeing Van Persie sent off

I am not saying that Wenger is responsible for all the three, but the buck stops with him. Maybe we fans are not as confident as him on some of the players like Song, Denilson, Diaby, Silvestre and last but not the least William Gallas. We never got a replacement for Flamini and that basically has been our problem, contributed partly by Fabregas’ form this season. He is playing one level below his last-season-form, which was allowed by Flamini’s biting form last season. Denilson, Song, Diaby etc have not been able to fill that void. Is Ramsey the solution??? Maybe. And where is Rosicky???

Every weekend is now a worry as we don’t know which Arsenal team wil come out on the field. The all-attacking, tight at the back and biting in the middle Arsenal or the getting into a shell, play around the box ithout a final shot at goal and conceding one at the other end Arsenal.

But this is the time to be behind the team and I am completely behind them and hope we surprise United next Saturday.



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2 responses to “What next for Arsenal?

  1. A turnaround against Man United would be great, but it looks unlikely.
    Yesterday was poor, and I’m still gutted from the Spurs debacle.

  2. The midfield engine is off!! We need a bruiser there…

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