Arsenal’s Consistency in Question

This is a shock result, no doubgt about that, but the way in which the Gunners responded to the two goal deficit was appalling. The team was not there and whatever chances were created did not get converted. It was a match where all the eleven players played a bad game.

Hull City like any other newly promoted club put in a 110% performance in a stage which they would not see that often. They fought for every ball and showed more committment on the field. Arsenal on the other hand were lacking in the spirit and I wonder if they were complacent of sorts. The movement was lacking in the Gunners and the passing game was not taking off all that well.

There have been complaints of whether Gallas and Toure form a god defensive pairing or not at the centre of defence. Djourou might be better bet to replace any one of them and I would love to see Gallas being replaced by Djourou in the next match. Or dont be surprised if Silvestre partners either Toure or Gallas in the defence. Clichy looked a bit out of sorts and did not have any notable runs in the opposition half.

Defence was just fine with fabregas taking a shot at goal towards the end and Denilson loking decent with Fabregas at the centre…But do we need a more fighting defensive mid-fielder is the question? And even if that is the question do we have an answer in the form of any player is the even bigger question? Can we try out Ramsey to play that role? I am sure Wenger has started pondering on all these questions and more after the end of this match.

Forward line was looking toothless with RVP shooting wide off the mark. If he can get it on target then 90% of those shots are goals because they are unstoppable shots. Adebayor had a bad match to add to our troubles. Is consistency the key problem for us? Should we rotate the strikers more often? I think so.

We should give credit where it is due. I thought Hull City played really well. They fought for every ball and were not as physical as people expected them to be. They played fair, won the ball and outscored us to beat us at home. The first goal was a beauty and I do not think anyone can be blamed for that goal. It curled and dipped at the right time beating a stretched Almunia. The second was something which we should have averted. We concede out of a corner again. We need to have a strategy to take care of this blemish which we encounter every time we concede a corner or a freekick.

Emirates stadium which should have been a fortress is not turning out to be one and 2 defeats in 6 games might not be what we expected if we wanted to win the league. This leaves us with no room for error anymore and we have six matches against the likes of United, Chelsea and Liverpool. Consistency is the key and tonight’s match against Porto would be the best palce to prove that we are back with a bang.



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2 responses to “Arsenal’s Consistency in Question

  1. I’m tend to be grouchy about poor performances, even sometimes when Arsenal win, but I thought they were ok against Hull City except for Walcott’s defending for Hull City’s first goal and Gallas’s defending for the winner.

  2. I don’t think there are going to be a lot of changes: Nasri will probably replace Walcott or Eboue, Bendtner could replace Van Persie, and Ramsey could replace Denilson, but that’s it, I’d think.

    I do not think Djourou will replace Toure or Gallas.

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