Angry Wenger after a Frustu match

Arsenal return back to England after yet another dismal performance in Ukraine. Dynamo Kiev scored from a very disputable penalty and seemed to take all three points at home when Gallas the new Euro top scorer restored parity with two minutes left. All in all it would be satisfying to come back with a point given the circumstances but I think Arsenal will sink this Ukrainian ship in London in the return leg. Walcott was once again the hero providing the cross from the right which was poked in by Gallas.

Wenger has come out strongly against the Kiev players, especially on their tackle on Walcott…He says

The referee should have sent the left-back off three times because he tried to destroy Walcott.

On the Sagna Penalty

Sagna is convinced he [Ognjen Vukojevic] pulled him with his two hands on his shirt and then went down. We have to deal with that; if you get a penalty you get a penalty.

On the referee not giving enough injury time

I wanted to know how we only played three minutes injury time and then during these three minutes we only played one minute of injury time. Every referee looks to have a different computer to calculate injury time and I still don’t know how it works. He couldn’t explain to me; he just told me he felt it was enough.

The game was a mixture of frustration and relief, frustration because the game should have been over at half-time, and relief because we scored with minutes to go. When we got back to 1-1, Dynamo looked very, very tired but the game was finished with the interruptions. You could feel the game was there for the taking but we had no opportunity to play. We feel we have lost two points but the referee should have sent the left-back off three times because he tried to destroy Walcott.

Next up is Porto at home on September 30th



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3 responses to “Angry Wenger after a Frustu match

  1. Gallas is becoming a Goal machine these days.

    Lets start playing Ade in the back and let Gallas take up ade’s position in the forward line 😀

  2. Fredzed

    Never a pen for me. The Kiev player clearly pulls Sagna down onto him as he collapsed. I fine bit of acting there. However, that would have fooled many refs so its hard to blame this ref. Good on Gallas for making sure we got the point and denied Dynamo there undeserved win.

  3. I got a chuckle from those Wenger comments.

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