Poor display from Gunners

In what will be a wake up call to the team for their poor performance and the Manager for a impending transfer buy, Arsenal lost to their West London rivals Fulham by a goal. I have not seen Arsenal play so badly for a long long time and every player on the field was pathetic. This means that Arsenal have 3 points from 2 matches and are in the second half of the table.

Wenger started with a team which had Eboue and Denilson at the centre with Toure back in the squad, pairing up with Gallas. The opposition played their cards well and cut off supply from the Gunners midfield to the forwards. It was certainly not helping when your supposedly creative midfielder, Denilson is having such a bad match.In the first part of the first half I hardly remember Adebayor touching the ball. Denilson ended up hitting more wrong passes than correct ones and Walcott again had a average match.

The goal came from a corner which could have been defended as Gallas found himself a pace short and ended up losing his player who poked it in. Gallas was again found wanting in this match. Clichy and Sagna also had a bad 90 munites compared to the high standards they set. Toure was responsible for giving away the corner which resulted in the goal. And he was forced to make that tackle due to his own mis-judgement.

Nasri showed a glimpse of his skills once in a while, but if he wants to be successful in this team, he needs to be more consistent in his game. Eboue had a ok match except for his antics but again he is not the answer for our need in the centre of midfield. Ade had a header which hit the vertical and Van Persie had three free kicks which were wasted. We better get a right footed freekick taker as well or train one of them for that as we are found wasting too many chances.

We can only hope that Wenger will take out his chequebook and get Alonso to play alongside Fabregas. Where are you Cesc, we miss you.


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