Germany vs Spain

This is a final which all the sponsors and the neutral fans would have wanted. A fitting finale to end what has been a wonderful tournament. Two favourites from the start of the tournament, Germany and Spain. I am not saying that many would have complained if it was Turkey vs Russia also, because such has been the quality of play throughout the tournament, say a few matches.

Gary Linekar has famously said,”Football is a simple game;22 men chase a ball for 90 minutes and at the end, the Germans win”. This is very true of the German determination and spirit that however they have to play, they come out trumps in crunch matches in big tournaments(read World Cups and Euros). So once again they find themselves in a final playing some good matches and playing second fiddle to Turkey in the semifinal and still coming up trumps 3-2. That match showed the resilience of the Germans in crunch matches.

The Spanish have been the form team of the tournament. They have not lost a match in this tournament and have played some good football, beating the form team of the tournament Russia twice. Their midfield has been one of the strongest and creative midfields in this edition. The defence has not been tested too much this time around but in Casillas they have one of the best Goalkeepers in the world.

Villa will miss the tournament due to the injury he sustained in taking a free kick against the Russians. Michael Ballack is also a suspect for the final as he has a calf injury from training on Friday. So the teams go well balanced into the finals. The Spanish did not miss Villa that much as they controlled the midfield with Fabregas’ introduction in the semifinal. The Germans are yet to play without Ballack and it needs to be seen how they play without their talismanic captain.

As an Arsenal player, the only thing I am looking forward to is some good football and whether Fabregas become the player of tournament? He can if he can put in a performance like in the semi and setting up some goals for his teams. Anything is possible.


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