Who are the contenders after first round???

As the first round of matches got over, some teams were waking up, some of them have the momentum which might take them to the next stage and some are left with a mountain to climb. A few stars have shone already, some of them have vindicated their talent and yet some have to come out of their cage if their team has to progress and they get some headlines for the right reason.

Group A: My least favourite group. I dont like any of the teams in it now that Rosicky and Nedved are not playing this Euro. Portugal have qualified for the knockout stage and Ronaldo has been impressive so far. Deco was good and not anything more than that. I expect Turkey to go through with Portugal as they showed that they can fight in there.

Group B: Germany is still continuing on their expansive attacking football yet again. Great stuff to see Ballack control the midfield, Podolski and Klose combining well with Mario Gomez yet to come to grips with the tempo. Croatia had a good match and the initial nerves were calmed by a penalty early into their match against Austria. Luka Modric looks good and their true test will be tonight when they take on the Germans. These two to go through.

Group C: Well well well, the Group of Death is certainly the most interesting of them all. It just got better. if thet wo matches played so far had been draws, nobody would have complained and it would have been thought as four strong teams (I am mentioning Romania also as strong because they are quite a good side) waiting for the opposition to make a mistake and playing safe. But one result has turned the group around and has brought the tournament to life. The Dutch have played one of the best 90 minutes of football in a long time and beat the Italians black and blue!!! Ok it was not a bad thumping, but putting 3 goals past the World Champions merit something. Van der Vaart, Sneijder and Engelaar will get a lot of headlines in the coming days. French have a lot to improve if they want to qualify from this group because even though the Italians lost, I thought they played better than the French. My friend Vicky put it in perspective –  “hopefully France (Football team) grows a brain and a pair of balls by tomorrow night, so much talent supremely wasted”. Well it is quite true how these guys disappoint sometimes. It was as if  Ribery was the only playing to win and the others were going through the routine. They need to buck up. Though some of you might expect  Romania to sneak in, I doubt it. The Dutch will go through, but who will go along with them, I will predict after the France vs Holland match.

Group D: Spain for once are showing how good they are. Villa outshone Torres once again and his hat-trick just raised a few more millions to his transfer head. But it was a nice gesture to see Villa go into the dugout and hugging his by-then sub-ed striking partner, Torres. They played nice counter-attacking football and hit the Russians in the break. But I thought the Russians had their chances too. With one of their star players Arshavin back for the last match, a point or 3 would be a competitive result for the Russians. I am glad that the Greeks lost. So in this group I am going with Spain and Russia.

So enjoy the football wherever you are watching it.


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One response to “Who are the contenders after first round???

  1. David

    wow…netherlands rocks!!! Even though I am French, from what i saw I don’t think France deserves to go through and you can guess how painful it is for me to admit that…my last hope is that the players know now that they have to lose theirself…
    What a surprise if Netherlands and Romania qualify!!!

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